Petrossian . . . NY’s Most Parisian Restaurant is also One Of its Best


petrossian entrance

182 West 58th Street at 7th Ave., ?New York, NY 10019 ? Phone : 212-245-2214 ?Fax : 212-245-2812 Email :


182 West 58th Street
(58th St. at 7th Ave.)
New York, NY 10019

Click here to make yourreservationonline:

Phone : 212-245-2214
Fax : 212-245-2812
Hours of operation: Lunch: Mon-Fri 11:30 am – 3:00 pm

Brunch: Sat-Sun 11:30 am – 3:00 pm

Dinner: Mon-Sat 5:30 pm – 11:30 pm

Dinner: Sun 5:30 pm – 10:30 pm

Looking for a one-of-a-kind gift? Petrossian New York offers caviar tastings. For more information, Click Here

Petrossian New York’s Exquisite Bar (Below)

petrossian bar

It was in the 1920’s that two Armenian brothers–Melkoum and Mouchegh Petrossian–first introduced Paris to the magic of caviar and, in doing so, founded the company that today is the premier buyer and importer of Russian caviar worldwide.

During the "années folles", known as the “Roaring 20s” in the United States, Paris welcomed exiled Russian princes, intellectuals and aristocrats with open arms, and Parisians quickly embraced all things Russian, especially the arts, ballet, the choreography of Diaghilev, and the music of Igor Stravinsky. Nonetheless, there was one thing missing from the Russian expatriates’ lives: caviar. The French had yet to be introduced to this rare delicacy, a situation that the Petrossian brothers immediately set out to remedy.

 Petrossian main int

The Spacious Main Dining Room  (Above)

Founded in 1984, New York’s Petrossian restaurant is housed in the historic Alwyn Court Building on Manhattan’s West Side, one block from Carnegie Hall and four blocks from Lincoln Center. Owned by the Petrossians, it serves a French-influenced contemporary menu that features the caviar, smoked fish, and foie gras delicacies for which Petrossian is known throughout the world. Lunch, dinner, and brunch can be enjoyed at either the art deco style mirrored bar or in the dining room. Designed by Ion Oroveanu, the restaurant features Lalique crystal wall sconces, bronze sculptures from the 1930’s, etched Erté mirrors, Limoges china, Lanvin chandelier and pink Finnish granite, all harmonizing to create a visual ambiance that can be savored equally with the unsurpassed gourmet experience.

petrossian flowers  Elegant Flowers Grace the Bar

Always New York’s most Parisian restaurant, Petrossian is forever youthful with a tempered balance of its past and a clear knowledge of its future. Soft sounds of Billie Holiday and Ella play in the background and caress the senses as subtle service, beautifully orchestrated by maître d’hôtel Rene Scarzeroa, pampers without intrusion.

Top of the line in the legendary caviar department, is the Classic Three Caviar Presentation which includes 20g each of Royal Ossetra, which is delectably fresh and fruity, Ossetra ranges in color from light brown to dark brown, its firm grain is pleasing and juicy, with a distinctive nutty taste that inspires fierce loyalties. This Ossetra captures the eggs at their absolute peak of size, flavor, color and texture, when the sturgeon are at their most mature. Truly sublime; Royal Transmontanus Caviar, sustainable white sturgeon, native to California, produces this elegant caviar that evokes the taste of the finest Ossetra, with a nutty flavor that’s at once smooth and robust and Special Reserve Alverta President: Sustainable from mature, white sturgeon in the clear, cold waters of northern California, its smallish size bead has a nutty, buttery flavor. Purists insist on buttered toast only, but don’t miss the beautiful presentation of featherweight blini (Russian pancakes), crème fraiche, chopped egg whites, yolk and onion .

petrossian teaser rest_dish_13_th

Petrossian Teaser of Beautiful Appetizers (Above)

But  Petrossian has a serious kitchen and Chef: German Calle has a deft hand. Recommended appetizers include a remarkable  Cold Lobster and Artichoke Salad with Fava Beans, Caviar Royal Transmontanus and a delicate Lobster Vinaigrette. Seared Hudson Valley Foie Gras with Apricot – Green Apple Tatin, and Spiced Hazelnuts is not only elegant but as good as it reads. Petrossian’s “Premiere” smoked salmon is buttery and outstanding.

petrossian smoked salmon use

For entrée stars, look no further than, sumptuous Seared Diver Scallops with Sweet English Peas, Baby Fennel, Crispy Turnips, Morel Mushrooms, Round Carrots, Bottarga in a
Parmesan Nage. Seared Chilean Sea Bass and Tarama, Fennel Purée, Steamed Spinach, White Asparagus  in Cardamom Carrot Sauce is also lovely and the signature Pan Roasted West Coast Sturgeon, Ratte Potatoes, Tender Vegetable Succotash, in a Caviar Beurre Blanc is still a standout. Dover Sole Meuniere with Braised Asparagus, Steamed, Dilled Potatoes, in a dressing of Capers, Lime, and Hazelnuts is one of the best seafood creations I’ve had this year, 

If seafood is not your thing, you’ll love Pan Roasted Long Island Duck, Turnips Variation, Poached Asian Pear, Compressed Duck Leg, Coco Bean Purée cinnamon Duck Reduction or a beautifully tender Roasted New Zealand Lamb Rack. There is also a fine Petite Filet Mignon, Sauteed Wild Mushrooms, Truffle Scented Fingerling Potatoes, Asparagus, in Cabernet Sauce

All desserts, are stylish and delicious. Our favorite was The best crème brulée imaginable with a velvety custard and parchment crust. The vanilla  flavor was intense, yet not intrusive. Granny Smith Apple Tart was light and delicious. The vodka and Champagne by the glass selection is terrific and comprehensive; the wine list has loads of good bottles priced affordably. The Prix fixe dinner (currently $48) is Manhattan’s best buy in any luxury restaurant. Petrossian, 182 West 58th Street, is one of NY’s five best restaurants


Petrossian caviar steak tartar rest_dish_11_th  petrossian sea scallops rest_dish_12_th

Caviar Steak Tartare (left) Seared Diver Sea Scallops (Right)

petrossian sturgeon rest_dish_6_thSeared White Sturgeon petrissian 2 ChickenAlfredo

________________________________________________Chicken Alfredo__________________

Caviar Tasting For Two – or More!

Caviar Tasting For Two - or More!

Looking for a unique gift idea this year? Maybe a once-in-a-lifetime event for an anniversary or wedding? Savor the pleasures of Petrossian with this Caviar Tasting For Two (or more!). Available at both our New York and West Hollywood locations, the Caviar Tasting For Two offers a tasting of Petrossian’s finest caviar, hosted by one of Petrossian’s caviar experts. Learn the story behind Petrossian Caviar with your exquisite tasting, then enjoy a prix fixe dinner.

Making Reservations:You must call the restaurants to set up your reservations.


petrissian 2  Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 11.28.31 PM

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Petrossian A La Carte Dinner Menu – New York Restaurant



Dinner A La Carte – New York Restaurant

  •  Restaurant •  Photo Gallery

- Entrees –
Seared Chilean Sea Bass and Tarama 36
Fennel Purée, Steamed Spinach, White Asparagus
Cardamom Carrot Sauce
Dover Sole Meuniere 47
Braised Asparagus, Dilled Potatoes, Capers, Lime, Hazelnuts
Pan Roasted West Coast Sturgeon 38
Ratte Potatoes, Tender Vegetable Succotash,
Caviar Beurre Blanc
Pan Roasted Maine Lobster Risotto 42
Sautéed Porcini Mushrooms, Parmesan Reggiano and
Black Truffle Shavings
With Caviar Transmontanus USA 45
(Vegetarian option available 26)
Squab Royale 34
Candy Beets, Green Apples, Young Leeks,
Salsify Purée, Toasted Quinoa, Foie Gras Terrine
Perigueux Sauce
Seared Diver Scallops 36
Sweet English Peas, Baby Fennel,
Crispy Turnips, Morel Mushrooms, Round Carrots, Bottarga
Parmesan Nage
Seared Beef Tenderloin 38
Caramelized Vidalia Onions, Mushrooms and Foie Gras Stuffed Potatoes,
Chanterelles salsify
Pan Roasted Long Island Duck 33
Turnips Variation, Poached Asian Pear, Compressed Duck Leg, Coco Bean Purée
Cinnamon Duck Reduction
Roasted New Zealand Lamb Rack 39
Roasted Eggplant, Tomato Goat Terrine and Chick Pea Hummus,
Lamb Reduction
Chef: German Calle
Please note: We use nuts in many preparations, please inform your
Server if you are allergic


Appetizers and Specialties – New York Restaurant

  •  Restaurant •  Photo Gallery

Appetizers & Specialties
- The Salads –
Green Salad  14
Pecorino Romano, Radishes, Baby Carrots
House Dressing
Caviar and Watermelon Salad  25
Cucumber, Ricotta Cheese, Mint, Dill,
Citrus Yogurt Sauce
Avocado and Transmontanus Caviar  28
Crab Meat Salad, Roasted Octopus, Coconut Gelee,
Sorrel Sauce
CScallop Sashimi and Ossetra Caviar  32
Orange Supreme, Jerusalem Artichoke, Green Apple,
Champagne Broth, Lemon Grass Oil
- The Salmons –
Salmon Roe
30g $12.00/ 50g $19.00
Blini and Crème Fraiche
Our Premier Smoked Salmon 19
Served with Toast Points, Crème Fraiche and Fresh Dill
Petrossian Salmon Sampling 25
Our Premier Smoked, Classic Tsar Cut, Dill and Vodka Spiced,
Tsar Black Sea Spiced and Salmon Roe
- The Specialties –
Petrossian Tasting 36
Foie Gras Terrine, Salmon & Caviar Beggar’s Purse, Smoked Sturgeon, Smoked Trout and Trout Roe,Transmontanus Caviar on Mini Blini
Our Signature Borscht 14
Crème Fraiche, Pirojkis
Steak Tartare 25
Roasted Piquillo Peppers, Shallots, Capers, Dijon, Cucumber Radish Salad
With Caviar Royal Transmontanus USA  33
Yellowfin Tuna Tartar  25
Crushed Avocado, Scallions, Cilantro
Ginger Chili Miso Sauce
With Caviar Transmontanus USA  30

- The Foie Gras –
Foie Gras Terrine 27
Served with Toast Points
Seared Hudson Valley Foie Gras 27
Pistachio Dates Tart, Rhubarb and Pineapple
Black Pepper Caramel Sauce
- Petrossian 30g Caviar –
Caviar Classic Transmontanus USA  51
Caviar Royal Transmontanus USA  72
Caviar Royal Siberian  91

1 800 828 9241

Brunch Prix Fixe – New York Restaurant

  •  Restaurant •  Photo Gallery

Petrossian Brunch
At Alwyn Court
$38 Prix Fixe

- Appetizers -

Green Salad

Pecorino Romano, Radishes, Baby Carrots

House Dressing

Southern Buttermilk Pancakes

Ricotta, Blueberries, Blueberry Preserves, Vanilla Chantilly Cream

Smoked Salmon & Bagel Platter


Fruits Plate

Port Poached Pear and “La Peral” Cheese

Salad Frisée, Walnuts, Toasted Walnut Vinaigrette

Yogurt, Berries and Ginger Biscuits

Duck Confit Risotto

Wild Mushrooms, Black Truffles & Fines Herbes

Pain Perdu

Stewed Peaches, Apple Smoked Bacon, Roasted Pecans

($8 supplement with Roasted Foie Gras)

Transmontanus USA Farmed Caviar

Served on a Blini with Crème Fraiche (14.00 Supplement)

- Entrees -

Petrossian Signature Cobb Salad

Featuring our Specialty Smoked Fishes with Tomatoes, Avocado, Goat Cheese, Eggs,

& Crumbled Apple – Wood Smoked Bacon with Herbed Vinaigrette

Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon

(Or Black Forest Ham or Apple Wood Smoked Bacon)

Sautéed Baby Spinach

Scrambled Eggs

Smoked Salmon or Black Truffles and Cèpes

(With Caviar Transmontanus USA 8.00 Supplement)

Maine Crab Cake

Grilled Asparagus, Cubed Roasted Potatoes and Greens,

Sour Cream

Crème Fraiche Omelette

With Mushrooms, Onions and Gruyère Cheese or Spinach, Oven Dried Tomatoes and Goat Cheese

(With caviar Transmontanus USA $8 supplement)

Poisson du Jour

Sautéed Spinach, Celeriac Truffle Purée, Celeri Chips

Grilled New York Steak

Fried Egg & Crushed Herbed Potatoes, Veal Reduction

- Desserts -

Peach Crumb Cake

Vanilla Ice Cream

Carrot Cream Cheese Cake

Carrot Sorbet, Caramel Sauce

Housemade Sorbets and Ice Creams

Tea or Coffee

Lunch A La Carte – New York Restaurant

  •  Restaurant •  Photo Gallery

- Entrees –
Poisson du Jour
Please ask your server
Lobster Roll  24
Garden Greens, Green Apples, Walnuts, Dried Cherries
Petrossian Maine Crab Cakes  20
Fresh Corn and Avocado, Pickled Cucumber, Sweet Potato Fries,
Tartar Sauce
Pan Roasted Maine Lobster Risotto  38
Porcini Mushrooms, Parmesan Reggiano and Black Truffle Shavings
With Caviar Transmontanus USA $45
(Vegetarian option available $25)
Duck Confit Leg  22
"Du Puy" Lentils and Vegetables Pilaf, Roasted Tomatoes and Goat Cheese, Roasted Shallots, Veal Reduction
Petite Filet Mignon 27
Sauteed Wild Mushrooms, Truffle Scented Fingerling Potatoes, Asparagus, Cabernet Sauce
Chef: German Calle
Please note: We use nuts in many preparations, please inform your server if you are allergic


Dinner – Prix Fixe – New York Restaurant

  •  Restaurant •  Photo Gallery

Prix Fixe Dinner
- Appetizers –
Soupe du Jour
Green Salad
Pecorino Romano, Radishes, Baby Carrots
House Dressing
Smoked Trout and Salmon Pastrami Spiced
Crocante de quinoa, Pickled Carrots, Jerusalem Artichokes,
Young Tomatoes-Cucumber Raita
Hand Sliced Petrossian Smoked Salmon
Crème fraiche, Dill, Toast Points
Transmontanus USA Farmed Caviar
Our 12g Presentation (Eggxiting©)
($12.00 Supplement)
- Entrees –
Seared West Coast Sturgeon
Hazelnut Potato Puree, Pickled Pear, Baby Fennel
Caviar Beurre Blanc
($8 supplement)
Lightly Grilled Spanish Mackerel
Sushi Rice, Enoki Mushrooms, Green Onions, Spinach, Carrots
Bonito Lime Broth
Pan Roasted New York Steak
Rhubarb and Céleri Purée, Asparagus, Brussels Sprouts, Coco Beans
Roasted Shallots, Veal Reduction
Roasted Pork Tenderloin
Carrot Purée, Vidalia Onion Confit, Broad Beans, English Peas, Turnips, Plum Chutney
Cinnamon Sauce
- Desserts –
Peach Crumb Cake
Vanilla Ice Cream
Carrot Cream Cheese Cake
Carrot Sorbet, Caramel Sauce
Housemade Sorbets and Ice Creams
Please be aware that we use nuts in many preparations,
Tell your server if you have Allergies
We are sorry, but there are no discounts available on our Prix Fixe Menus

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Desi Galli Reinvents Indian Street Eats

Desi Galli is located at 101 Lexington Avenue at 27th Street, 212-683-2292,  and is open for lunch and dinner from noon to 11 PM. Takeout, delivery, eat-in and offsite catering are all available. The dining room is also available for meetings with comfortable seating, free wifi, cellphone chargers, high-resolution flat-screen televisions

desi plate 2

Already known for its exciting versions of hand-held Indian street foods, Desi Galli now offers healthier, enlightened versions of their popular kathi roll, including the first and only gluten-free paratha, developed in-house and made with chickpea and rice flour, as well as an expanded menu including other new vegan and gluten-free options.

Owner PriaVanda Chouhan and her husband created their restaurant to satisfy the Desi (Indian sub-continent diaspora) hankering for Indian soul food. Though her father warned her husband-to-be that she couldn’t cook, PriaVanda soon taught herself to make not only her mother’s recipes but also her husband’s family favorites. Inspired by Rachael Ray’s fast and easy methods for putting dinner on the table in under 30 minutes, she turned her home kitchen into a test kitchen, mastering a multitude of Indian recipes every day, and also developing her own personal style of lighter, healthier, vegan and gluten-fee cooking without sacrificing flavor or authenticity.

Now she runs the day-to-day operations of this popular fast casual restaurant, as well as overseeing the menu. She also designed the chic subterranean dining room: following the brick staircase (a nod to London’s Brick Lane) to the basement galli (Indian alley) that is decorated with bright red walls and new artwork. Perhaps the most important element of the design is the open kitchen, where guests can see all their favorite comfort foods being prepared to order and where the highest priority is the fresh, high-quality ingredients—including fresh vegetables, herbs, spices, paneer (cheese), chicken and Halal meats including Australian lamb, all ground in house. Nothing is microwaved or comes out of a box.

The Birth of the Kathi Roll

Desi Galli has distinguished itself with its fresh and healthy kathi rolls and sliders, selected as the Best Indian Sandwich in New York by Time Out and praised repeatedly by Serious Eats. One aspect that makes Desi Galli’s kathi rolls special is that there is no clarified butter (ghee) in any of the wraps. Made to order from a choice of paratha, the quintessential north Indian flat bread, the chewier stretchy roomali roti from central India, whole-wheat vegan paratha, created especially by Desi Galli with no dairy or egg, and now, the first gluten-free paratha, made with chickpea and rice flour and yogurt, a delicious wheat-free alternative. Any kathi roll can be ordered with your choice of bread, and the addition of spinach or an egg. The Desi Galli kathi roll leaves you satisfied, without a heavy feeling.

desi plate

Thirteen varieties of kathi roll can be ordered gluten-free with fillings that include chicken korma, delicately spiced chicken with tomatoes, lamb bhuna, slow-cooked, moist and tender Australian lamb and the galli omelette, a warming combination of eggs, bell peppers, onions and tomatoes with a distinctive India twist. One of the newest gluten-free options is the vegan 7 vegetable, that combines lightly spiced curried carrots, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, green peas, broccoli and cauliflower in a delicious mélange. Other vegan fillings include channa, spiced chickpea, aloo, spiced potato and aloo piyaaz, a combination of chickpea and potato with cilantro. There are hundreds of options—depending on how you choose to customize your kathi rolls. Equally popular are the sliders: Mumbai pav, traditional Indian buns served slider style with Indian-spiced fillings such as aloo paneer tikki pav, cumin-flavored potatoes and grated Indian cheese or the vada pav, a vegetarian potato fritter with tamarind chutney.

In addition to these favorites, the menu now includes biryani, another favorite Indian comfort food—that is also gluten-free. At Desi Galli, the fragrant, delicate rice dish is made to order in the open kitchen and served with a side of raita (yogurt sauce). Flavors include vegetable and paneer tikka (both vegetarian) and chicken, lamb or shrimp.

The chaat menu includes new dishes, too. These traditional crunchy, spicy, tangy, savory, vegetarian dishes appease every snack craving. In particular, the newly added vegan pani puri, pays homage to the owners’ Gujarati heritage, reflecting the preference for strong spice in Northern India: The bite-sized puri (puffy bread) are filled with spiced potatoes and a dose of tamarind water. Another new Gujarati chaat is shev puri with spiced potatoes, tamarind chutney, mint cilantro chutney, yogurt, showered with shev, crispy bits of chickpea flour noodles. Not to be missed is palak patte ki chaat, which won a shout out from Serious Eats, chickpea-flour dipped fried spinach leaves, layered with spiced chickpeas, red onion and diced tomato, drizzled with yogurt, mint chutney, and tangy tamarind sauce.

Also new on the menu is a selection of pav dishes—traditional curries served with the same pav (rolls) used in the sliders served with a side of chopped red onions, fresh cilantro and lemon. The wonderfully spiced Gujarati vegetable mash characterized by the cauliflower and eggplant in addition to potatoes, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers and peas—made to be soaked up with the fluffy white bread. Other varieties include spiced chickpea, Indian cheese with tomatoes and peas, chicken korma, slow-cooked lamb and minced lamb.

In keeping with the figure-friendly menu, the menu now includes a selection of salads (also all gluten free)—mixed greens, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes and onions with a choice of mint or tamarind dressing, featuring either marinated paneer, chicken tikka (marinated chicken breast) or seehk kebab, spiced Australian lamb strips.

To go with these snacks, Desi Galli offers a selection of beverages, including custom-blended masala chai served hot or iced, house made mango lassi and imported Indian soft drinks such as Thums Up and Limca. There are also desserts for a special treat: Rasmalai, cottage cheese dumplings soaked in sweet saffron flavored milk or Galli Ki Kulfi, creamy, yet light, housemade saffron or mango-flavored iced cream on a stick.

desi USE

Good idea. Good food. Good price. I’ve enjoyed Indian snacks in India, but seldom in NY Luxury restaurants. which sometimes offer them as a gimmick. Here’s the real thing. Very nice indeed.

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Sample Menu

Kathi Rolls (Indian Wraps)

Your Choice Of Vegetarian Or Non-Vegetarian. Your Choice Of, Paratha Whole Wheat Paratha Or Roomali Roti.

Aloo Piyaaz Chaat Kathi Roll (v). mashed desi potatoes with pickled onions and coriander leaves. includes a side of 1 oz. mint cilantro chutney.

Channa Masala Kathi Roll (v). wok tossed desi style chickpeas with curry powder. includes a side of 1 oz. mint cilantro chutney.

Aloo & Paneer Tiki Kathi Roll (v). cumin flavored potatoes and cottage cheese fritter. includes a side of 1 oz. mint cilantro chutney.

Batata Vada Kathi Roll (v). curry leaf tempered potato fritter. includes a side of 1 oz. mint cilantro chutney.

Vegan Aloo Kathi Roll (v). spiced potatoes. includes a side of 1 oz. mint cilantro chutney.

Paneer Bhurjee Kathi Roll (v). grated cottage cheese, tomatoes and green chili. includes a side of 1 oz. mint cilantro chutney.

Galli Omelette Kathi Roll eggs, onions, green pepper, tomatoes and chilies, with galli spices. includes a side of 1 oz. mint cilantro chutney.

Chicken Tikka Kathi Roll chicken marinated in spiced yogurt and galli spices, grilled in a clay oven. includes a side of 1 oz. mint cilantro chutney.

Seekh Kebab Kathi Roll skewered and grilled lamb with galli spices. includes a side of 1 oz. mint cilantro chutney.

Lamb Bhuna Kathi Roll slow cooked lamb in galli sauce. includes a side of 1 oz. mint cilantro chutney.

Lamb Keema Kathi Roll minced lamb cooked with galli spices. includes a side of 1 oz. mint cilantro chutney.

Chicken Korma Kathi Roll chicken marinated with tomatoes, onions and spices. includes a side of 1 oz. mint cilantro chutney.

Vegan 7 Vegetable Kathi Roll (vg, v). spiced vegetables (carrots, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, green peas, broccoli and cauliflower). includes a side of 1 ounce mint cilantro chutney.


An Indian Dish Made With Highly Fragrant Rice And Seasoned Meat Or Vegetables.

Chicken Biryani seasoned boneless chicken and fragrant rice. served with raita (yogurt sauce).

Lamb Biryani seasoned boneless lamb and fragrant rice. served with raita (yogurt sauce).

Vegetable Biryani seasoned mixed vegetables and fragrant rice. served with raita (yogurt sauce).

Paneer Tikka Biryani marinated paneer in spiced yogurt with seasoned vegetables in rice. served with raita (yogurt sauce).

Chaats (Snacks)

Samosa – 2 Pieces (v). 2 pieces. stuffed pastry with desi style potatoes.

Samosa Chaat (v). samosa with desi style beans, yogurt and chutney.

Palak Patte Ki Chaat (v). lightly battered, fried spinach leaves with yogurt, chutney and spices.

Bhel Puri (v). puffed rice with spiced potatoes, onions and chutney.

Vada Pav (v). spiced potato fritter slider with chutney.

Aloo Papri Chaat (v). papri with desi style potatoes and beans, yogurt and chutney.

Pani Puri puri filled with spicy water mixture, potato, chickpeas, and onion.
(6pcs) 5.99

Pav Bhaji spiced vegetable mash (cauliflower, eggplant, tomato, onion, and bell pepper)and two buttered pav bread.


Med / Lg. (GF). Served With Mint Cilantro Or Tamarind Dressing.

Paneer Tikka Salad paneer marinated in spiced yogurt with mixed greens, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes and onions.

Chicken Tikka Salad chicken breast marinated in spiced yogurt with mixed greens, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes and onions.

Seekh Kebab Salad spiced lamb strip with mixed greens, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes and onions.

Sliders (Sandwiches) $3.99

Your Choice Of Vegetarian Or Non-Vegetarian. Served On Mumbai Pav (Indian Slider Bun).

Aloo Piyaaz Chaat Slider (v). mashed desi potatoes with pickled onions and coriander leaves. includes a side of 1 oz. mint cilantro chutney.

Channa Masala Slider (v). wok tossed desi style chickpeas with curry powder. includes a side of 1 oz. mint cilantro chutney.

Aloo & Paneer Tikki Slider (v). cumin flavored potatoes and cottage cheese fritter. includes a side of 1 oz. mint cilantro chutney.

Vegan Aloo Slider (v). spiced potatoes. includes a side of 1 oz. mint cilantro chutney.

Paneer Bhurjee Slider (v). grated cottage cheese, tomatoes and green chili. includes a side of 1 oz. mint cilantro chutney.

Batata Vada Slider curry leaf tempered potato fritter. includes a side of 1 oz. mint cilantro chutney.

Galli Bhurjee Slider scrambled eggs, onions, green peppers, tomatoes and chilies, with galli spices. includes a side of 1 oz. mint cilantro chutney.

Galli Omelette Slider eggs, onions, green peppers, tomatoes and chilies, with galli spices. includes a side of 1 oz. mint cilantro chutney.

Chicken Tikka Slider chicken marinated in spiced yogurt and galli spices, grilled in a clay oven. includes a side of 1 oz. mint cilantro chutney.

Chicken Khurchan Slider grilled and shredded chicken with green and red peppers. includes a side of 1 oz. mint cilantro chutney.

Seekh Kebab Slider skewered and grilled lamb with galli spices. includes a side of 1 oz. mint cilantro chutney.

Lamb Bhuna Slider slow cooked lamb in galli sauce. includes a side of 1 oz. mint cilantro chutney.

Mutton Keema Slider minced lamb cooked with galli spices. includes a side of 1 oz. mint cilantro chutney.

Chicken Korma Slider chicken marinated with tomatoes, onions and spices. includes a side of 1 oz. mint cilantro chutney.

Desserts $3.29

Galli Ki Kulfi saffron flavored ice cream on a stick.

Gulab Jamun khoya rounds in a rich saffrom syrup. set of three.

Rasmalai cottage cheese dumplings soaked in sweet milk and flavored with saffron. set of two.

Hot Beverages $1.49

Masala Chai

Indian Coffee

Cold Beverages


Mango Lassi

Sweet Lassi

Canned Soda soda choice: coke, diet coke, ginger ale, sprite, sprite zero, fanta, seltzer water.

Thums Up bottled indian carbonated drink.

Limca bottled indian carbonated lemonade.

Maaza Mango bottled mango drink.

Maaza Lychee bottled lychee juice.

Mazza Guava bottled guava juice.

Iced Masala Chai

(V) Vegetarian, (VG) Vegan, (GF) Gluten Free.

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Australian Bistro Experience & Classy Food at Burke & Wills on the Upper West Side

Manhattan Cricket Club - New York, NY

Burke & Wills is located at 226 W 79th Street, 646-823-9251, and is open seven days a week for cocktails, bar snacks, dinner, late night and weekend brunch: Mon-Wed 4pm-midnight; Thurs-Fri 4pm-2am; Sat 11am-2am, Sun noon-midnight. For more information, on private parties and special events, please contact Matilda Boland at

Exploration is at the heart of Burke & Wills. Named for the pioneering adventurers who made an expedition across Australia in 1860, both the cuisine and the atmosphere at this neighborhood gem are shaped by the influences of the 1850s Gold Rush, post WWI immigration from Greece and Italy, and 20th Century Southeast Asia.

Owner Tim Harris and partner Matilda Boland (both formerly of Bondi Road, Sunburnt Cow and Sunburnt Calf) offer a complete experience not typically found on the Upper West Side, combining inspired modern Australian cuisine, world-class wines from the Southern hemisphere, craft beers and innovative artisanal cocktails. Offering three experiences in one, Burke & Wills contains a casual bar, a fine dining room, and The Manhattan Cricket Club, an exclusive cocktail lounge on the second floor. In each area, guests experience top-notch service and a spirit of fun, in a setting that is casual enough for guests to relax, but formal enough for quality service.

aussi int1

Harris, the very hands-on Director of Operations, who grew up in the restaurant business in Australia, can be found in the front of the house, behind the bar, on the floor, and helping guests to select wine. He worked closely with Executive Chef Rodrigo Nogueira (a graduate of the French Culinary Institute, who previously cooked at Montmartre, the Monkey Bar, Colicchio and Sons and Resto, and is of Brazilian descent) to create a menu that is seasonal, produce-driven, fresh and approachable with Mediterranean and Southeast Asian influences, and also features Australian ingredients such as kangaroo and barramundi.

Guests have a choice of experiences: In the front room, you can belly up to the long bar with plenty of seating and cozy two tops, a DJ booth, and reclaimed wood ceiling for a daily changing raw bar selections—oysters, little neck clams, shrimp cocktail or Jonah crab claws. Or choose from a selection of bar snacks such as toasts topped with chicken liver mousse with pickled onions, beef tartare with smoked egg and capers, and crispy pork belly with blue cheese and dates, in addition to flavor-packed bites such as crispy crab beignet accompanied by Japanese mayo and bonito flakes, creamy textured salt cod croquettes with a piquant h, pep h arissa for dipping or vegetarian risotto fritters with tomato jam.

aussi dining room

The innovative yet creative cocktails are the invention of renowned mixologist and partner Greg Seider (Summit Bar, La Bernardin, The Mercer Kitchen and author of Alchemy in a Glass). Inspired by what’s coming out of the kitchen, Seider creates innovative yet accessible cocktails such as the Bushfire Margarita (Del Maguey Vida Mezcal, fresh lime, orange bitters and agave) and the Sydney Sour (Temptation bourbon, peach bitters, fresh lemon and agave).

Manhattan Cricket Club - New York, NY

In the more formal, yet still approachable dining room, you’ll find slate gray banquets and distressed stained wood floors under a sky-lit atrium. Harris scoured library archives for the photographs and paintings of flora and fauna, and maps of Australia. There the menu is more expansive. In addition to the raw bar, small plates include fork-tender, mouth-watering lamb crépinette with roasted cauliflower, capers and a deeply flavored lamb jus as well as very lean, nicely gamey kangeroo loin with roasted mushrooms and fingerling potatoes, cooked sous vide and then pan-seared to order. Best of all starters is a superb Foie Gras Torchon with seared scallop, confit lady apple, honey, brioche. As good as any 3 star restaurant in the city. Also wonderful were the 1/2 Dozen East or West Coast oysters with a cucumber mignonette and a lovely Jonah Crab Claw.

aussi soup

One special feature of the kitchen is the rotisserie used to create daily specials such as whole roasted joints of lamb or beef. A regular and popular menu item is rotisserie chicken brined with aromatics, and served with roasted patty pan squash in brown butter sauce, but the rotisserie is also inventively used with vegetables—for example, in the rotisserie carrot salad, with dates, oranges and pistachio vinaigrette and in the side dish of rotisserie beets.

Another classic signature large plate is spiced duck breast served with farrotto (a risotto-like side made with farro), roasted turnips and honey-turnip puree. Absolutely the best duck breast we’ve ever tasted.  The pan-roasted scallops, mussels and clams show Asian influences with fennel and ginger broth. Meanwhile, the ‘roo burger, makes excellent use of Australia’s distinctive protein, blending the lean meat with pork, and topping it with a housemade tomato jam based on Tim’s mom’s recipe, and pickled onions. The burger comes with a side of irresistible triple-fried potatoes, as thick as streak fries, t, tthat should find their way onto every table.

aussi salad

Desserts are delicious and include a deconstructed interpretation of the whipped cream, passion fruit curd and fruit-layered Pavlova, an affogato (Kahlua ice cream from Il Laboratorio del Gelato doused with Kobrick’s dark-roasted espresso doused atop an icebox brownie), bomboloni filled with dulce de leche, and off-the-menu treats available by request.

For those desiring assistance with the wine list, Tim Harris is happy to guide them—and to offer a brief history of wines of the Southern hemisphere, a history that began in 1788 when Cpt. Arthur Phillip landed in Sydney with The First Fleet of settlers to the colony of New South Wales, and bringing with him the first grape vines from Brazil and The Cape of Good Hope and continued with phylloxera-resistant vines, leaving Australia as the home to some of the oldest vines in the world—and along with its neighbors New Zealand and South Africa, with an enviable reputation for innovative winemaking techniques. In addition to the impressive bottle list, diners can choose a selection of sparkling, white, rose and reds by the glass or carafe.We enjoyed an amazing white Bordeaux style Sauvignon, Semillon blend for just $56. ( Blend: 72% Sauvignon Blanc, 24% Semillon and 4% Vermentino. 2013 Route du Van Sauvignon Blanc – Semillon, Yarra Valley, Australia),  and a sexy sparkling rose, served by the glass upstairs. For updates on wine dinners, tasting and events at Burke & Wills, follow the folks on Facebook and on Twitter @burkeandwillsny.

Brunch is served on Saturdays and Sundays and includes the special offer of four brunch cocktails for $15 with any entrée. Other specials features include $1 oysters at happy hour, live jazz, and DJs playing music on Thurs-Sat to set the mood in the bar and for the late-night dining scene, which includes a menu of featured bar snacks.

A third type of experience can be found at the Manhattan Cricket Club, an escapist throwback to the Colonial Era, the British Empire at the turn of the 20th Century, an homage to the classic cricket clubs in Australia complete with cricket paraphernalia and photographs of players.

Housed in an apartment restored to its original layout and aesthetic, it is located on the second floor, accessed through a stairway behind an upholstered door (hidden in plain sight), the Manhattan Cricket Club is a place where guests can experience the full range of Greg Seider’s classic and bespoke cocktails, including his special tea cocktails, as well as boutique champagnes, exotic aperitifs, top shelf spirits and wines in a luxurious setting. The décor includes a wood paneled living room and library (with real books) with an oriental rug, gold brocade wallpaper, leather sofas, and all the comforts of home. The marble bar is filled with everything you can imagine and more—handcrafted tinctures, syrups and bitters, garnishes, imported teas, and the proper style of ice for each drink.

Manhattan Cricket Club - New York, NY

Here drinks designed exclusively by Greg Seider for the club are built with care: The Rolling Stones-inspired Just A Kiss Away is composed with a house infusion of lemongrass and black pepper, Plymouth gin, lemon juice, and topped with cava. The Bonfire Of The Calamities has the fresh flavor of Southeast Asia, with kaffir lime-infused Russian Standard vodka, fresh lemon, agave, and smoky bonfire spritz. Paying special tribute to the traditional test cricket match tea break and colonial India, I’ll Have Another features Santa Teresa 1796 rum, garam masala spiced syrup, fresh Lime, club soda and shaved ginger. A selection of small plates including cheese platters, salmon rillettes, assorted housemade pickles and mixed olives are offered to accompany the drinks.

A private club that is open to the public, the Manhattan Cricket Club offers exclusivity without snobbery. When space permits, all are welcome. It is a gentleman’s club where women are equally welcome. But membership does have its privileges: priority seating with guests on a walk-in basis, reservations, access to member only events, gatherings and tastings, private liquor lockers, the opportunity to book a room or the entire apartment for private functions, and private menus with advanced ordering. Membership is your reward. For more information on how to join, visit the website at Certainly one of the best restaurant options on the West Side! Here is the other website.

aussi drink

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Dinner Menu Subject To Change

Raw Bar

Each $3.00

1/2 Dozen $15.00

East or West Coast oysters

cucumber mignonette

Each $2.00

1/2 Dozen $10.00

Littleneck Clams


Shrimp Cocktail

classic cocktail sauce


Jonah Crab Claw

Small Plates


Chicory Salad

apples, pecorino, walnut vinaigrette


Tuna Crudo

lemon custard, smoked hon shimeji mushrooms


Rotisserie Carrot Salad

dates, orange, pistachio vinaigrette


Braised Lamb Belly

asparagus, romaine, pickled mustard seeds


PEI Mussels

palm oil, coconut, pickled vegetables


Veal Sweetbreads

sunchokes, bacon, maple sherry


Foie Gras Torchon

seared scallop, confit lady apple, honey, brioche


Kangaroo Loin

onion subise, roasted mushrooms, fingerling potatoes

Large Plates


Housemade Potato Gnocchi

roasted mushrooms, pecorino, grilled scallion


New York Strip

eggplant puree, fingerling potatoes, chimichurri


Roasted Salmon

red pepper romesco, baby carrots


Rotisserie Chicken

roasted baby patty pan squash, brown butter sauce


The ‘Roo Burger

tomato jam, shaved onions, triple fried chips


Pan Roasted Scallops

mussels, clams, fennel and ginger broth


Spiced Duck Breast

farotto, roasted turnips, honey turnip puree


Roasted Leg of Lamb

rotisserie beets, sauteed kale, lamb jus

Manhattan Cricket Club - New York, NY

Brunch Favorites

BRUNCH SPECIAL: Add $15 to any entrée & enjoy 4 brunch drinks!


Bloody Mary / Bloody Maria


Screwdriver / Greyhound


Burke & Wills’ Mimosa

Beer & Wine


Willowglen Sparkling Brut


House Red/White Wine


Fosters Lager



Kobrick’s Coffee


Australian Iced Coffee

espresso, milk, ice cream over ice

Burke & Wills Specialties

Add $4 per drink for brunch special


Hibiscus Fizz

Greenall’s London Dry Gin, Lemon, Hibiscus Cordial, Willowglen Sparkling Brut


Bitter & Twisted

Aperol, Grapefruit Bitters, Agave, Willowglen Sparkling Brut


A Proper Pimms

Pimms No 1 Cup. Lemonade, Ginger Ale, Cucumber

Non – Alcoholic


Kylie Minogue

rosehip, berry & hibiscus cordial. lemon. club soda


Paul Hogan

peach oolong infusion, lemon, club soda, ginger beer


Fresh Orange or Grapefruit Juice

Bar Snacks

Available Monday-Friday 4pm-late and Saturday & Sunday 5pm-late


Salmon Rilette

scallion vinaigrette


Tallegui Cheese

honey, candied walnuts


Roasted Beets

goat cheese, hazelnuts


Tuna Tartare

apples, pickled ginger


Shrimp on Toast

red pepper, greek olives


Beef Tartare

smoked egg, capers


Chicken Liver Mousse

grilled bread, pickled onions


Crispy Pork Belly

blue cheese, dates



cornichon, mustard


Foie Gras Butter

honey turnip puree


Braised Lamb

pequillo pepper gremolatta


Pork Rilette

cornichon, pickled apple


Crab Beignets

japanese mayo, bonito flakes


Octopus Beignets

japanese mayonnaise, pickled ginger, bonito


Cured Salmon

beets, scallion vinaigrette


Grilled Squid Salad

celery, scallions


Salt Cod Croquette

harissa, pickled celery


Risotto Fritters

asparagus, tomato jam


Fried Oysters

fresno chilli dressing


Triple-Fried Chips

harissa aioli


orange syrup, amaretto crunch gelato
please allow up to 15 minutes for heating
dulce de leche, cinnamon sugar, vanilla ice cream
icebox brownie,Kahlua gelato, espresso
add a shot of liquer $6
passion fruit curd, fresh berries, whipped cream
carmelized sugar, berry salad
DeBortoli “Noble One” Botrytis Semillon 2008 (375ml) 12gls / 45btl
espresso, cappuccino, café latte, americano, flat white, decaf.
english breakfast, earl grey, chamomile, jasmine, French mint, pure
hibiscus, fields of france rooibos, georgia peach rooibos
follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram @burkeandwills
Taylor Fladgate10yr Tawny 10
RL Buller Fine Tokay, Rutherglen, Australia 12
RL Buller Fine Muscat, Rutherglen, Australia 12
RL Buller Victoria Tawny, Rutherglen, Australia 12
Drambuie 10
Grand Marnier 11
Frangelico 9
Fernet-Branca 11
Sambuca 9
Cognac, Piere Ferrand Ambre 14
Cognac, Remy Martin VSOP 12
Calvados, Chateau du Breuil 13
Dewars White Label 9
Johnny Walker Black Label 10
Jamieson 12yr 15
Redbreast 12yr 18
The Glenrothes Select Reserve (Speyside) 15
The Glenrothes 1998 (Speyside) 19
Macallan 12yr (Highland) 12
Oban 14yr (Highland) 15
Auchentoshan Three Woods (Lowland) 14
Highland Park 12yr (Orkney) 12
Highland Park 18yr (Orkney) 17
Laphroaig 10yr (Islay) 14
Lagavulin 16yr (Islay) 21
Yamazaki 12yr 17
Yamazaki 18yr 65
Hakushu 12yr 17
Hibiki 12yr 17
Alibi Bourbon 9
Jack Daniels 9
Buffalo Trace Bourbon 10
Eagle Rare Single Barrel Bourbon 12
Bulleit Bourbon 12
Blanton’s Bourbon 14
Jefferson Reserve Bourbon 16
Koval Single Barrel Bourbon 16
Koval 4-Grain Whiskey 18
Rittenhouse Rye 10
Bulleit Rye 12
Whistlepig Rye 10yr 16

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Montebello Shines With a Sophisticated Flare for a Business Lunch or a Date at Eight.

montebello int1

The Lovely Main Dining Room at Montebello (Above)

120 E. 56th Street, Bet. Park & Lexington Avenues

Tel. 212-753-1447

Website Click Here

To Make a Reservation, Click Here

Montebello is an Italian restaurant in the cherished sense of the genre.Located at the heart of Midtown, Montebello buzzes with excitement as a business lunch spot with high-powered patrons such as Mayor Bloomberg, Donald Trump, and Barbara Walters.

montebello bar

It  is the most romantic of romantic rendezvous.” Celebrities such as Tony Bennett, Neil Simon, Kate Moss, Ron Howard, the Baldwin brothers and Michael Richards enjoy the beautiful private banquettes and soothing atmosphere of this elegant, unpretentious space. Owner Joe Bozic provides a dining experience virtually unrivalled in the city. The service is warm and attentive; the decor is artistic and inviting; and the food is sublime.

Classic cooking from the area near Trieste, Italy, is the inspiration for the quintessential northern Italian menu developed by generations of the Bozic family.  Emphasis is placed on simple, fresh ingredients and Italian cooking methods. Fresh pastas are made in-house daily, and dried pastas are imported from Italy. All meals are complemented by a selection of hand-made breads baked according to traditional methods. Lunch and dinner menus include a selection of antipasti, soups and salads, house made pastas and a wide variety of desserts.

This hidden gem in the heart of Midtown is difficult to beat. With the  intimate dining room you will enjoy elegance and provide impeccable service, the sort that New Yorkers frequent for power lunches or a romantic dinner. I love the laid back décor, tromp loil touches and lovely murals.

montebello window

While there are many restaurant copycats and the modern-kitchen is becoming a factory of cliché. Montebello, a delightfully-traditional "New York Italian" restaurant, unabashedly shuns fad. The beige and pink L-shaped room with red leather banquettes, framed water colors, wall-recesses housing mostly Italian wines and a mahogany bar offers a gentle & civilized atmosphere.

The greeting by one the owner is warm and welcoming, and the staff is always excellent). The bar makes a superb Negroni and the wine list has improved. The Travaglini Gattinara, made from the famed Nebbiolo grape offers fine value and there is a lovely Roero Arneis,Bruno Giacosa for around $70.

Simple items like PROSCIUTTO SAN DANIELLE, imported prosciutto with seasonal fresh fruits are lovey & Polipo (octopus salad) with steamed potato, red onions, caper berries, olive oil and lemon is well executed. Pastas are enormous and can  easily be split as an appetizer or in-betweener. Crespelle, ricotta and spinach crepes in a fresh tomato sauce is delicious at Montebello, as is a perfect linguini and white clam sauce, garnished with only one in its shell, (we added a dash of hot pepper added for good measure).

It would be hard to find a better broiled veal chop: huge, juicy and pink as requested with an aromatic salsa verde. The roasted rack of lamb with Dijon mustard; aromatic breadcrumbs and dry white wine are lovely. This is, by far, the best food I’ve had at Montebello. Well the chef should know his stuff. He’s been there 8 years. Not for the neo-molecular crowd, here is classic (and classy) cooking in a civilized setting, amidst warm glowing sconces and soft coral walls highlighting lovely murals.

There is a tempting dessert-wagon, but being sated, we should have chosen fresh blue berries & a bit of Parmesan cheese. Instead we went for the terrific cannoli, Italian cheesecake and tiramisu.  Finish with some fine cappuccino and homemade Grappa and you’ll agree that Montebello at 120 E. 56th Street, Bet. Park & Lexington Avenues rates an A Major on The Walman Report.

montebello paintng

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Sample Dinner Menu

Portobello grilled Portobello, mix green salad, goat cheese, and olive oil-balsamic dressing 15
Capesante pan seared jumbo sea scallops in a brandy, saffron and herb sauce 18
Cozze Coltivate Cozze Coltivate mussels with garlic, dry white wine and fresh herb 15
Melanzane eggplant parmagian with fresh tomato and basil 15
PROSCIUTTO SAN DANIELLE imported prosciutto with seasonal fresh fruits 18
Bufala fresh buffalo mozzarella with roasted red bell peppers and tomato 18
CARPACCIO DI MANZO thinly sliced beef fillet with baby arugala, shaved parmagian, lemon and olive oil 19
Polipo octopus salad with steamed potato, red onions, caper berries, olive oil and lemon 18
Ministrone Ministrone mix of seasonal vegetable soup 14
Risi Bisi Venetian rice and green pea soup 14
Pera baby arugala salad with fresh pear, aged pecorino cheese in a lemon dressing 15
Spring Mix mixed green salad with balsamic vinaigrette and virgin olive oil 14
Tricolore arugala, endive, radicchio and cherry tomatoes with lemon dressing 15
Finnochio fresh thin sliced fennel, shaved parmagian and grilled baby shrimps in lemon dressing 16
Caesar classic Caesar salad for two 27
Cioppatina mixed chopped salad with vegetables 15
Pici hand rolled pasta made with ricotta in a lamb ragout 24
Crespelle ricotta and spinach crepes in a fresh tomato sauce 24
RAVIOLI DI ARAGOSTA lobster ravioli with champagne and shallots in a light aurora sauce 26
Penne with fresh chopped tomato, garlic, olive oil and Portobello mushrooms 23
Gnocchi potato dumplings served in meat ragout 24
Tagliolini Tagliolini sea scallops, shrimp, cultured mussels and little neck clams served with garlic,
virgin olive oil and fresh herbs 27
Ravioli di carne Ravioli di carne ravioli stuffed with veal and spinach in an herb and veal sauce 24
Cappellini di angelo jumbo lump crab meat, fresh tomato and shallots 27
Rigatoni Rigatoni roasted eggplant, fresh tomato, basil and diced buffalo mozzarella 23
Malfati Malfati spinach and ricotta gnocchi in a creamy truffle sauce 24
Risotto Risotto Arborio rice with baby shrimps and jumbo asparagus tips 25
Pollo Montebello Pollo Montebello Parmesan encrusted breast of chicken in a white wine lemon sauce 26
Pollo al tartufo Pollo al tartufo grilled chicken breast with mushrooms and truffle scented cream sauce 25
Batutta di pollo Batutta di pollo pounded thin grilled breast of chicken topped with arugala and tomato 25
Pollo Portobello Pollo Portobello breast of chicken in a Portobello mushroom sauce with white wine 25
Costata di vitello Costata di vitello grilled veal chop with an aromatic salsa verde 41
Scaloppini Scaloppini veal scaloppini in a mixed mushroom sauce with sherry wine 32
Scaloppini cardinale topped with prosciutto, Fontina cheese and red pepper 33
Milanese Milanese pounded and breaded veal chop with baby arugala, red onion and cherry tomato 42
Tagliata Tagliata grilled sliced black angus steak served over rugola, garlic, rosemary and roasted potato 41
Agnello Agnello roasted rack of lamb with Dijon mustard; aromatic breadcrumbs and dry white wine 40
Anatra roasted half duck in a orange sauce with black olives over broccoli rabe 29
Filetto Filetto pork tenderloin grilled in a Barolo and balsamic reduction sauce, and sautéed spinach 29
Salsiccia Salsiccia roasted homemade sausage with peppers, onions and mushrooms 28
Filetto di sogliola sautéed sole with fresh thyme and artichoke in a lemon and white wine sauce 35
Branzino Branzino roasted with rosemary and shallots in a garlic sauce 36
Calamari Calamari lightly fried squid and zucchini 29
Gamberoni Gamberoni grilled jumbo shrimp with cognac, garlic and basil 36
Salmone Salmone grilled fillet of salmon with mixed vegetable caponata and pesto sauce drops 30
Coda di rospo Coda di rospo roasted monkfish with olives, capers and fresh tomato 37
Zuppa di pesce Zuppa di pesce combination of seafood in a light tomato and herb broth 36
Zucchini • Broccoli • Spinach • Mashed potato • Roasted potato 10.50

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Bar Boulud, Boston Makes Its Debut At Mandarin Oriental, Boston

boston bar baloud int

The award-winning Mandarin Oriental, Boston and Chef Daniel Boulud have opened Bar Boulud, Boston. The French-inspired bistro and wine bar is Chef Boulud’s first restaurant in Boston, and second partnership with Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group. The restaurant follows the successful format of Bar Boulud, New York, located on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, and Chef Daniel Boulud’s first UK restaurant, Bar Boulud, London, located at Mandarin Oriental, Hyde Park, both of which have achieved significant acclaim. This approachable restaurant concept is known for its traditional French bistro fare, seasonal New England inspired dishes, signature charcuterie with recipes by renowned Parisian charcutier Gilles Verot, and an impressive wine cellar showcasing Burgundy and the Rhone Valley, well-suited for leisurely dining, business meetings or special occasions.

Chef Aaron Chambers, most recently Executive Chef at Boulud Sud in New York City, leads the daily culinary operations of Bar Boulud, Boston as Chef de Cuisine with a menu that includes an impressive selection of traditional terrines and pâtés, such as: Pâté Grand Mère, chicken liver, pork, cognac and Pâté Grand-Père, foie gras, pork and truffle, along with an assortment of signature sausages such as:Boudin Blanc, white pork sausage with truffled mashed potatoes and apple and Boudin Noir, blood sausage with mashed potatoes, apple and caramelized onions.

A selection of grilled beef burgers adds an American touch to the menu with: ‘The Frenchie,’ topped with pork belly confit, arugula, Dijon, tomato compote and Morbier cheese on brioche bun and ‘The Piggie,’ topped with barbecued pulled pork, jalapeño mayonnaise, and a red cabbage slaw. Additional menu highlights include: the classic Coq au Vin, with red wine-braised Amish chicken, bacon lardons, pearl onions, tender baby carrots and trumpet royale mushrooms;Handmade Chitarra Pasta, laced with local Wellfleet clams, bottarga, fennel and chili garlic; New England Sole Meunière, served with cauliflower, marcona almonds, capers, brown butter and fresh parsley; and a hearty Croque Monsieur, served on house-made brioche, layered with melted Gruyère cheese and house-made ham.

Chef Chambers joined Boulud in 2009. Originally from Yorkshire, England, he has over 15 years culinary experience in top kitchens all along the East Coast including: Indebleu Restaurant and Café du Parc in Washington D.C. and Café Boulud and Boulud Sud in New York City. Prior to working in the U.S., Chambers cooked in the kitchens of Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons, the two Michelin-starred Relais & Châteaux property in Oxford, England, and Al Mahara in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, rated among Restaurant Magazine’s “World’s 50 Best.”

Curated by Sommelier Joe Camper, the wine cellar at Bar Boulud, Boston features an extensive list dedicated to the great wines of Burgundy and the Rhône Valley – Chef Boulud’s favorite wine making regions that neighbour his native city of Lyon, France. Within the cellar, guests can find rare gems alongside approachable ‘vin du pays’. Beyond France, the wine list travels to new world regions such as the United States, Austria, Germany and beyond, offering unique varietals that pair beautifully with food. Camper, a Champagne enthusiast, is also please to present an extensive selection of crémants – sparkling wines – that complement the New England seafood inspired menu. Camper began his wine career in Boston at Barbara Lynch Gruppo’s Menton, and was most recently Sommelier at Boulud’s Midtown NYC bistro, db Bistro Moderne.

Bar Boulud, Boston also features a seasonal selection of curated craft beers and innovative hand-crafted cocktails. Highlights from the cocktail menu include:Cranberry Royale, a blend of Champagne and cranberry vodka, served “up” with a cranberry compote ice orb; 8th & Orchard, a twist on the classic Boston cocktail, the Ward 8, which blends rye whiskey with a splash of house-made grenadine and apple cider, served over crushed ice; and the Boylston Flip, with ZU Bison Grass Vodka, fresh pear juice, cinnamon, fig, egg white and a Kübler Absinthe rinse. The cocktail list highlights a variety of ‘Boulud Classic Cocktails’ from his restaurants around the world.

Adam D. Tihany of Tihany Design has designed Bar Boulud, Boston, and has brought the space to life with a vibrant interior and several signature features, including a seven-seat marble-clad charcuterie counter and a distinctive glass enclosed wine cellar. A glass étagère serves as the focal point for a 17-seat backlit, zinc top bar. Vintage oak, leather and stone form the backdrop for whimsical wine-centric artwork, channel tufted banquette, and a 10-seat communal table. Sliding glass doors facing Boylston Street open to the restaurant’s intimate 55-seat bar and lounge space.

Guests are able to enter the space from Boylston Street or through the lobby of Mandarin Oriental, Boston. Positioned at the entrance, guests are greeted by a host station flanked by feature walls made of French wine crates. In the centre of the 68-seat main dining room, a row of rich burgundy leather booths run parallel to the restaurant’s vaulted wood ceiling, a dramatic design reminiscent of wine barrels. Moving further into the restaurant, guests can enjoy a 22-seat private dining room, which can be separated by a contemporary sliding barn door.

From September 16, Bar Boulud, Boston will be open daily, serving breakfast from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., lunch Monday to Saturday from noon to 2:30 p.m., dinner from 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m., and Sunday brunch served from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Dining at the bar will also be available throughout the day. Breakfast here will be served Monday to Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to noon, and lunch Monday to Saturday from noon to 2:30 p.m. A daily bar menu will also be available from 2:30 p.m. to 5 p.m., dinner from 5:30 p.m. to 11 p.m., a late night menu from 11 p.m. to midnight and Sunday brunch from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Chef Daniel Boulud is considered one of America’s leading culinary authorities. Boulud’s culinary accolades include James Beard Foundation awards for “Outstanding Restaurateur” and “Outstanding Chef of the Year,” “Outstanding Service,” and “Best Chef in NYC,” among others. He has been named “Chef of the Year” by the Culinary Institute of America, “Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur” by the French government, and “Master Chef” by Maîtres Cuisiniers de France. Boulud owns and operates restaurants in New York City, Miami, Palm Beach, Las Vegas, Toronto, Montreal, London and Singapore.

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An intimate, luxurious hotel, Mandarin Oriental, Boston combines classic New England elegance with refined Oriental touches to create one of the most distinctive hospitality experiences in the region.  Awarded both Forbes Five-Stars and AAA Five-Diamonds, Mandarin Oriental, Boston features 148 guestrooms and suites over 14 floors, delighting its guests with the finest facilities and service, innovative dining experiences and an unparalleled holistic Five-Star awarded spa.  A short, 15-minute drive to Logan International Airport, Mandarin Oriental, Boston connects guests to the city’s finest shopping, cultural venues and business institutions from its prime location in the heart of the chic Back Bay on Boylston Street.


Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group is the award-winning owner and operator of some of the most luxurious hotels, resorts and residences. Having grown from a well-respected Asian hotel company into a global brand, the Group now operates, or has under development, 45 hotels representing close to 11,000 rooms in 25 countries, with 20 hotels in Asia, ten in The Americas and 15 in Europe, Middle East and North Africa. In addition, the Group operates or has under development, 13 Residences at Mandarin Oriental connected to its properties.

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212 A Steakhouse Like No Other & You Can Afford It.

212 fromt room bar

212 Steakhouse is located at 316 East 53rd Street between 1st and 2nd avenues,, 212-858-0646, is open for dinner Sun-Thurs 5pm-11pm, Fri-Sat 5pm-11:30pm and is available for private events. Lunch coming soon.

212 lounge

212 back room

Makes Inaccessible Cuts of Beef Accessible

The brainchild and passion project of entrepreneur Nikolay Volper, 212 Steakhouse is a modern steakhouse with a unique concept: making true Japanese Kobe beef and other top notch cuts of beef accessible to the general public, offering a wide range of the highest quality beef at prices that are 60-80% below market rate. (The discount doesn’t represent a sale or promotion, but rather an on-going and permanent commitment to value and to educating consumers.)

Kobe beef is a rare delicacy no matter how you slice it. Highly regulated by the Japanese government, only a limited amount of authentic Kobe beef exists, and a very small percentage is exported to the U.S. In fact, 212 Steakhouse is the only restaurant on the East Coast officially approved by the Kobe Beef Marketing and Distribution Promotion Association from Japan to offer authentic Kobe beef. This association guarantees the supreme quality of the certified authentic Kobe beef served here, attested to by the certificate that hangs in the entryway of the restaurant. For more information on the association, please visit

212 kobe beef

From the elegant yet comfortable cocktail lounge in the front, to the expansive bar designed for eating as well as drinking to the rustic wood tables with woven placemats in the dining room, Volper has created a different kind of steakhouse.

Kobe beef from Japan is bred of Tajima-gyu calves only from designated producers in Hyogo Prefecture, fed only the very best feed in stress-free and healthy environments, matured to an ideal quality and texture to an average age of 32 months and then rigorously graded for selection. The flavor of Kobe beef is unforgettable because of the harmony of delicate, sweet lean meat shot throughout with fragrant fat that literally melts-in-your-mouth.

For those who have never tasted the real thing, 212 Steakhouse offers the opportunity to try the beautifully marbled meat for a fraction of the cost: $15/ounce as compared to $45. (Minimum serving four ounces.) Most steak eaters find that they are satisfied with a small portion of the ultra rich Kobe beef. We have enjoyed Kobe beef at many restaurants in the US, Europe and Japan, but have never tasted such excellence before 212. Always tender, at 212 Steakhouse, the marbling and taste is beyond description.

212 wagyu 40 pz

(Above) Dry-Aged Porterhouse 28 oz for one. Beats American Beef (Amazing)

These value prices also apply to other prime cuts of meat: Owner Nikolay Volper has made a commitment to make the highest quality beef in the world accessible to 212 diners, providing an impressive range of cuts at drastically reduced prices including Kobe beef ribeye, strip loin and tenderloin as well as USDA Prime bone-in filet mignon; Australia Wagyu skirt steak, dry-aged bone-in ribeye and porterhouse for one or two, and both American and Japanese Wagyu striploin with meat sourced from the Fremont Beef Company, one of the few authorized wholesalers in the country.

To ensure that this is a sustainable effort, diners enter into an implicit contract to order at least one menu item other than steak. But with the excellent collaboration between the owner and executive chef Christos Kalamvokis, choosing appetizers, salads and side dishes is a very satisfying proposition. Formerly of Kellari, Kalamvokis shared his expertise on Greek cuisine by teaching in Brazil, and began his career at Uncle George’s in Astoria, where he mastered the art of grilled whole fish and meats and other Greek specialties.

What makes 212 Steakhouse even more remarkable is just how varied and interesting the rest of the menu is. Not content to provide the usual sides, appetizers and token alternatives to steak, the Greek and Mediterranean-influenced menu is so complete that a non-beef eater could easily visit 212 Steakhouse dozens of times and never have the same meal.

212 tuna tartar

An ideal meal begins with cold appetizers such as a wonderfully colorful interpretation of ceviche of wild salmon, avocado, mango, radish, minced jalapeno and lime zest, or yellowfin tuna tartare with avocado, highlighted with thinly sliced cucumbers and a bright and intriguing wasabi lemon sauce (beautiful to look at, elegant and exquisite). There’s also imported burrata wrapped in 18-month aged prosciutto di Parma with baby arugula. Equally compelling are hot appetizers such as thinly sliced of zucchini chips, fried until crisp and puffy, flavored with garlic and accompanied by yogurt-dill dipping sauce, or grilled sushi quality octopus with red-wine vinegar marinated red onions and sweet mini peppers, or the dramatically presented graviera cheese, brought to the table with a brandy flambé. Organic spinach soup with roasted feta crouton, a deeply satisfying dish that borrows from Volper’s Bulgarian heritage, is a thickened with yogurt and filled with swirls of fresh spinach.

212 branzino

The freshly caught whole fish such as branzino, dorado and black sea bass, are simply grilled with organic Sicilian olive oil, lemon and herbs, are priced per pound, and are presented filleted and are perfect, as only a Greek-trained chef can prepare them. Other seafood options include swordfish kebabs, wild salmon filet and freshly grilled Maine lobster in the shell. Guests can also enjoy decadent risottos with moderate price tags such as wild mushroom and truffle risotto or black risotto with seafood. The impressive array of side dishes include ethereal baked polenta fries

212 polentawith parmesan, tender sautéed Brussels sprouts212 sprouts with sun-dried tomatoes, a heavenly mix of mushrooms and an addictive tangy-lightly sweet eggplant caponata composed with pine nuts, raisins and olives.

212 octopus

Grilled sushi quality octopus  (Above) is the best in NY.

The beverage program is up to the challenge set by the cuisine and includes a wide-ranging wine list that represents a fine selection of wines from United States, France, and around the world. The by-the-glass list includes a wonderful selection of Champagnes, Prosecco, and excellent whites and reds from Sonoma, The Loire Valley and Tuscany, as well as Sauternes and Ports. There’s also a choice of sake and beer. Guests can even try one-ounce vintage pours of spectacular wines such as 1975 Château Mouton Rothschild, 1994 Château Petrus or 1985 Château Margaux to match their Kobe beef. Spirits are equally well represented with a broad selection of single malt Scotches and other fine whiskies, bourbons and cognac as well the finest top shelf spirits for classic cocktails. The cocktail menu includes inventive and luxurious cocktails such as the Beluga, built with Beluga Vodka, ginger syrup, fresh lime and a caviar cube and the Diamond—Atlantico Rum, club soda, Chambord and a diamond cut sugar cube. The list of bubbly cocktails includes Gold, composed of Taittinger Prestige Brut with orange bitters and 23K gold flakes.

We loved the honesty, care, quality and price-points of 212 Steakhouse. Service is attentive and friendly and the bar makes a good martini. There are just a few housemade desserts: Crème Brulee and Chocolate soufflé. Both a lovely. But best of all, 212 Steakhouse breaks the mold of ubiquitous NY Steak House and is a joy.

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Tamarind TriBeCa Offers NY’s Most Glamorous Indian Dining Experience

Tamarind int TBC1

The Dramatic Tamarind Restaurant.

99 Hudson Street

  • (Btwn Franklin & Leonard St)

Telephone number/Tamarind TriBeCa is 212-775-9000

The restaurant serves lunch and dinner daily. Its full menu is available at the bar.

Click Here To Visit The website

Click Here To Make a reservation On Open Table

.tamarind chops

Not To Be Missed. The Amazing MASALEDAR CHOP (Lamb chops marinated in nutmeg, cinnamon, aromatic Indian herbs), Pictured Above.

tamarind Mr. Walia useAvtar Walia,(pictured left) previously owner of the acclaimed Tamarind in the Flatiron section (now closed), is devoting his energies to his newest restaurant Tamarind TriBeCa in Manhattan’s prime and most sought-after neighborhood.The architect and designer of Tamarind TriBeCa is Wid Chapman, who heads the award-wining firm of Wid Chapman Architects in New York. The modern 11,000 square foot space seats 175 people on two levels, the main dining room and a 1,500 square foot mezzanine.  At the entrance is a stylish bar and cocktail lounge with a marble and onyx bar, and a communal wine table framed by a wall of Brazilian teak, and lit by an illuminated wine display.

Dramatic ceiling high windows face Hudson and Franklin Streets, adding drama to dining at Tamarind, and L-shaped banquette seating in low booths can be found around many of the windows. Another interior element is the wide range of materials and shapes used to create the imaginative custom lighting, both ceiling mounted and wall displayed.  These edgy designs are used to define each of the varied areas in the restaurant.  Limestone clad columns reach the 18 foot ceilings and below, polished, sustainable teak wood and streaked marble, cover the floors. Intimate booths with banquette seating and sheer curtain dividers are located under the mezzanine. A floating cantilevered stair leads up to the mezzanine to be used for dining, private parties and special events.  The area is surrounded by glass which visually connects diners on the two levels

The overall effect is breathtaking and dazzling and is enhanced by extraordinary service, under the direction of  the polished Manager Christopher Corda. (Don’t forget to check out the new Tamarind Lotus Room, bar lounge area and  the mezzanine).

The food represents many of India’s diverse regions to produce new dishes and classic fare, in addition to selected offerings drawn from Tamarind’s original Flatiron location.. Anchoring the TriBeCa site is a windowed tandoor kitchen crowned by a unique black metal roof.

tamarind scallops

Among the exceptional dishes featured on Tamarind’s menu are: Puff pastry, filled with melted cheese (yes it’s mozzarella, but who cares. It’s delicious).  Dover sole is baked in a clay pot, layered with whole spices, and bathed in a pasanda sauce;  while Lobster is combined with shitake mushrooms, chopped onions, garlic, and  white wine;  Bataki Kosha, An unusual Duck dish, is hand rolled in a rice crepe, with onions, garlic, ginger, garam masala; while Prawns are sautéed in coconut, lemongrass, dried red chilies, spiced chickpea flour cake.

Also loved: Achari hiran ki chhampen, the legendary Venison chops marinated in pickling spices, roasted chickpea flour and hung yogurt;  MASALEDAR CHOP (Lamb chops marinated in nutmeg, cinnamon, aromatic Indian herbs was equally divine; MALAI HALIBUT, Halibut flavored with mace, cardamom, in coconut, ginger sauce may the the seafood star; Raan e Dumpukht, Lamb shank braised in Indian rum, onions, cashew nuts, saffron and nutmeg is the best shank I’ve had in years: fork tender, huge and impeccably spiced (worthy of a visit in its own right); MAJJIGA PULUSU, a fascinating mélange of Buttermilk, green plantains, yams, radishes, white pumpkin, carrots, okra, mustard seeds,and curry leaves.

Of course you must order the superb Indian breads (check out the minted and rosemary varieties) and flavored rice as well as cooling flavored yogurt and sweet chutney on the side. And don’t skip dessert. Tamarind TriBeCa takes them seriously. We loved the fruited cheese cake and warm carrot pudding and there are many others to choose from.

tamarind dessert

Tamarind’s focus has always been to pair fine wines with the food his chefs prepare. And the TriBeCa restaurant has increased the number and variety of wines in its inventory.  Prices are fair and the selection is good. Tamarind maintains a well-stocked full service bar and high end products. The cocktails are both inventive and generous.

Forget all your clichés regarding Indian food and for an elegant night out or just some of the best Indian cooking in Manhattan, head for Tamarind TriBeCa. You won’t be disappointed.

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Welcome to the new Lotus Room at Tamarind TriBeCa, celebrating India’s national flower, prized for its serene, natural beauty and colorful, fragrant flowers. Tamarind’s award-winning chefs team have created a menu featuring dishes prepared with lotus. The private dining room at Tamarind TriBeCa has been transformed into the Lotus Room where lunch and tea is served daily from11:30 AM until 5 PM.

Sample Dinner Menu (Subject To Change)

Dinner Menu





A mixture of wheat crisps, potatoes, chickpeas, yogurt, tamarind chutney


Assorted crisps and noodles, sweet and sour chutneys


Marinated cheese, vegetables, tomato sauce


Grilled ground lamb patties, chickpeas lentils, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, garlic


A specialty of Calcutta. Chickpea flour patty, tamarind sauce


Spicy potato cakes, pomegranate, mint chutney


Crispy turnovers, seasoned potatoes, green peas


Spinach patties, paneer, garam masala, red chili


Crab meat, madras curry powder, ginger, garlic, green chilies, scallions


Pan-seared scallops, turmeric, garam masala, poppy seeds, lemon juice


Prawns sautéed in coconut, lemongrass, dried red chilies, spiced chickpea flour cake


Duck hand rolled in a rice crepe, onions, garlic, ginger, garam masala


Chicken marinated in apple cider vinegar, ground pepper, curry leaves, in a fiery red chili paste


Chicken marinated in hung yogurt, coriander, cream cheese, carrom seeds


Ground lamb, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, lemon zest, nan pao



Lobster soup, carrots, garlic, cayenne pepper, cognac


Roasted butternut squash, fenugreek seeds, lemongrass, green chilies


A spicy favorite of Anglo-Indian. Chicken, red lentils, vegetables



Beans, baby corn, lettuce, scallions, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, mustard seeds, curry leaves, lentil fritter


Grilled chicken, mixed greens, pink grapefruit, beets, goat cheese, walnuts, maple and apple cider dressing


Basil shrimp, bean and radish sprouts, pea shoots, micro greens, honey and ginger dressing



Marinated prawns in yogurt, roasted chilies, cilantro


Boneless chicken marinated in yogurt, roasted whole spices, jalapenos, ginger, garlic


Boneless chicken, tandoori spices, basil


Lamb kababs, mace, garlic, cloves, coriander, chopped bell pepper crust

Full 24

Chicken marinated in yogurt, ginger, garlic, garam masala, saffron
Half 14


Lamb chops marinated in nutmeg, cinnamon, aromatic Indian herbs


Marinated sea bass, hung yogurt, dill, lime zest, mixed peppercorn crust


Lamb marinated in garlic, onions, saffron, yogurt, mint, mace


Venison chops marinated in hung yogurt, pickling spices, roasted chickpea flour


Italian pepper, seasoned paneer, goat cheese, spinach, cashew nut tikki, paneer tikka with jalapeno, mushrooms, pickling spices


Fresh cottage cheese marinated in yogurt, fresh mint, coriander, garam masala, green chilies



A Goan specialty, prawns in a coconut sauce, mustard seeds, cumin, curry leaves, coriander


coconut sauce, green chilies, ginger juice, lemon juice, curry leaves, mustard seeds


Dover sole baked in a clay pot, layered with whole spices, pasanda sauce


Lobster with shitake mushrooms, chopped onions, garlic, white wine


Seasonal fish simmered in a coconut curry sauce


Halibut flavored with mace, cardamom, coconut, ginger sauce.



Roasted chicken in a saffron cashew sauce


Ground chicken with spinach, yogurt, mint sauce


Chicken in a tomato, onion, coriander sauce


Fiery Maharashtrian chicken, whole spices, peppercorns


Baked chicken breast, mushrooms, spinach, cheese, nutmeg, garam masala, yogurt sauce



A classic northern Indian dish, baby goat in a cardamom sauce


Lamb in an onion, tomato and coconut sauce, curry leaves, ginger, garlic


Lamb in a tangy, fiery sauce


Pounded lamb in a apricot and cashew nut, saffron sauce


Slow braised lamb shank, whole spices, red wine



Lobster, shrimp, scallops, sea bass, seasonal fish, rosemary nan, tomato raita


Lamb chop, shrimp, tandoori chicken, tulsi kabab, Punjabi tikhe, black lentils, nan


Vegetable kabab, lentils, vegetables, chutneys, rice, poori



Potatoes and cauliflower simmered in an onion tomato sauce


Cheese, spinach, ground spices


A northern Indian specialty, chickpeas, onions, tomatoes, pomegranate seeds


Cheese in a tomato, onion sauce, fenugreek leaves


Okra, dried mango, caramelized onions


Finely chopped lotus root dumplings and cheese in a saffron onion sauce


Japanese eggplant in an aromatic sauce, peanuts, sesame seeds, coconut


Fresh vegetables, cheese, ginger, cumin, garlic


Shiitake mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, pickled vegetables


Buttermilk, green plantains, yams, radishes, white pumpkin, carrots, okra, mustard seeds, curry leaves


A traditional Punjabi dish of black lentils simmered, onions, garlic



Lemon flavored basmati rice, curry leaves, mustard seeds


Aromatic long grain rice


Basmati rice, cumin, garlic, lemon zest, spinach


Baked basmati rice, vegetables, nuts, raisins


Basmati rice, baby goat, spices


Basmati rice, tamarind, mustard seeds, curry leaves


Japanese eggplant in an aromatic sauce, peanuts, sesame seeds, coconut


NAN Tandoor baked light bread

ROTI Baked whole wheat bread

PUDINA PARATHA Mint flavored oven-baked bread, butter glaze

LACCHA PARATHA Whole wheat, multi-layered bread from the tandoor

GARLIC NAN A multi-layered garlic bread

ROSEMARY NAN Bread flavored with rosemary, olive oil

NAN-E-TAMARIND Bread filled with dry fruits, nuts, raisins

POORI Whole wheat, deep fried puffed bread

BROCCOLI AND CHEESE NAN Light bread with seasoned with grated paneer, broccoli

ONION NAN A multi-layered onions, black pepper bread







99 HUDSON STREET · NEW YORK CITY 10013 · TEL 212·775·9000

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MAIA Luxury Resort & Spa in the Seychelles Becomes “BEYOND All-Inclusive”

MAIA Luxury Resort & Spa in Mahé, Seychelles introduces the new “BEYOND All-Inclusive” concept beginning November 1, 2014. This new approach includes a myriad of services such as a dedicated butler, high-speed Wi-Fi, complimentary laundry service, all daily meals, soft drinks and premium alcoholic beverages as well as food a la carte on a “Whatever, Wherever, Whenever” basis. Additional activities introduced include morning Yoga or Qi Gong, non-motorized sports plus unlimited scuba diving.

Located on 30 acres of award-winning gardens on the main island of Mahé, MAIA Luxury Resort & Spa features 30 private villas, all with 180-degree uninterrupted sea views. While staying at MAIA guests can choose between two villa categories, the “Ocean Panoramic” villas or the “MAIA Signature” villas. Designed by leading architect Bill Bensley, each villa offers guests the perfect escape while vacationing at MAIA.

   Dotting the hillside are the nineteen Ocean Panoramic villas, each offering guests exquisite views of MAIA’s lush gardens and the blue waters of the ocean below. Additionally, the eleven “MAIA Signature” villas are located closer to the shore and provide guests direct access to the surf and sand. Guests booking the “MAIA Signature” villa also enjoy additional inclusions like early check-in and late check-out, their choice of Champagne as well as in-villa offerings such as daily private yoga, one-time mani-pedi, and a specially prepared barbecue.

Copyright 2012 By Punchin International. All Rights Reserved.

Other experiences available for guests to book at an additional cost include private fishing and scuba diving excursions or scenic flights from MAIA’s on-site helipad to the surrounding islands. Guests who prefer to relax at the spa can visit MAIA’s Balinese-style spa, which offers an array of exotic treatments and features world-class Omorovicza products. The Gold ApresSoleil Facial is exclusive to the resort, as is the “20 Dancing Fingers” massage delivered by two members of the highly-trained staff, accompanied by flautist.

Additional information regarding rates can be found at or by contacting the reservations team at:

Tel: +248 4 390 367 or +248 4 390 000 Fax: +248 4 355 476


About MAIA Luxury Resort & Spa

MAIA Luxury Resort & Spa, a member of The Leading Hotels of the World, is a 30 villa property open to residents only. It stretches over 30 acres and is set on a private peninsula on the southwest coast of the island of Mahé in the Seychelles. Each of the spacious 250m² villas feature the latest facilities and have uninterrupted ocean views, a spacious gazebo area with kitchen bar, eating area and oversized day-bed, a 25ft infinity pool and outdoor sunken bath tub. The hotel’s service philosophy is delivered by MAIA’s expert personal butlers, each of whom is assigned to a specific villa. A recent addition to the hotel is its helipad.

About Tsogo Sun

Tsogo Sun is the leading hotels, gaming and entertainment company in South Africa, providing a vast variety of hospitality and exciting entertainment and leisure experiences. Combining an established heritage with a professional and energized approach, the group proudly encompasses 14 casinos and over 95 hotels in South Africa, Africa, and Seychelles.

The company’s hospitality interests offer the widest distribution of hotels in Africa, providing world-class accommodation across all markets, including elegant, individually branded Deluxe Hotels and well known trusted market leaders in the premier through budget segments, including Southern Sun, Garden Court, SunSquare, StayEasy and Formula 1 hotels.

Tsogo Sun (“TSH”) is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. The key shareholders of Tsogo Sun are Hosken Consolidated Investments Limited (“HCI”), a JSE listed investment holding company, and SABMiller PLC (“SABM”), the London listed brewing company. The remaining shareholding is held by various financial institutions and the general public.


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The Landmark Building “Pavilion Restaurant” Opens in Union Square Park, with a Menu that Showcases the Bounty of the Greenmarket, Dazzling Décor and a Stellar Kitchen


20 Union Square West
New York, New York  — 10003

Located at the North End of Union Square Park at 17th Street, Across From Barns and Noble.

BRUNCH 11:30-5PM

LUNCH- 10:30AM-5PM

DINNER- 5PM- Closing at Midnight

Click Here To Visit the Website or Make a Reservation

Some things are truly worth the wait. This spring New Yorkers were thrilled to see that the iconic colonnaded pavilion in Union Square once again features an exciting new indoor-outdoor restaurant. The Pavilion, whose menu showcases the bounty of the Union Square Greenmarket, welcomed the public.

For nearly 170 years Union Square has been a gathering place for commerce, for entertainment, for labor and political events, and for recreation. The 1928 Greek revival structure at the north end of the park has featured a restaurant since 1994. Today, The Pavilion, run under the direction of the hospitality group Chef Driven Market continues the over 150-year-old tradition of having restaurants and food concessions in New York City parks. The name Pavilion is a simple, classic one that respects the building’s rich history. Open seasonally from April until late October, The Pavilion seats 90 people indoor and 90 outside and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and weekend brunch. It is also the best restaurant in any NY City park, but regardless of location, its is generally excellent with a first rate kitchen, well selected wines and beer, a serious mixologist and attentive service.

pavioion crudo

At the helm are three rising stars on the city’s culinary scene: Executive Chef Mario Urgiles, previously at NYC French eatery Maison delights diners with an innovative market-driven menu – his pantry is the Greenmarket, just steps away. Pastry chef Terri Dreisbach who worked for Bobby Flay and Philippe Chow delivers her signature creative confections incorporating fresh ingredients while master mixologist Joel Cruz shakes up cocktails also inspired by the nearby market. All three are known for their tasty dishes that are always home made from scratch.pavion soup

Highlights from Chef Urgiles’ menu that underline his market-driven approach include: Tomato Soup with sourdough crouton & herb crème fraiche; Farm Goat Cheese and Tomato Tart with baby dandelion salad; Organic Salmon Green Pot Au Feu with fennel pearl onion, baby carrots, shitakes, tomato and Roasted Organic Chicken with fingerling and purple potatoes, broccoli rabe. Even the steak is a fine piece of meat, beautifully seared, with a lovely garnish of fresh vegetables. But the entrée winner is the restaurant impossibility: a stuffed fish with barely wilted vegetables and a light sauce. Perfectly prepared.

PAVILLION  chicken use best

Pastry Chef Terri Dreisbach is known for both her clever recipes and her artistic presentation. Some of the desserts she offers include: Raspberry Ginger Beer Float with coconut ice cream, raspberry sorbet, vanilla whipped cream and a ginger cookie; Devil’s Food Cake with pistachio mousse, raspberry and pistachio gelato; her signature Summer Berry Verrine with buttermilk panna cotta, summer berries, almond crumble and pistachio gelato (a must) and a Chocolate Beet Cake with blackberry-beet meringue, creme fraiche, cassis, blackberries and beet sorbet.

pavilion chicken use

At the bar Head Mixologist Joel Cruz makes his own magic with classic and contemporary cocktail creations many featuring fruit and herbs he sources from the market for syrups and garnishes. At brunch for example the Bloody Mary mix is highlighted by Holy Schmitt’s horseradish direct from the Greenmarket. Cruz is also bringing back frozen cocktails like everyone’s favorite pina colada made with fresh coconut milk, pineapple juice and dark rum.

pavioion coup dessert

Some of Cruz’s other signature cocktails include: Pavilion ‘75’ with New Amsterdam Gin, honey direct from the Greenmarket, thyme syrup, and sparkling wine; the Metronome featuring New Amsterdam Orange Vodka, vanilla, white Vermouth and Aztec chocolate bitters; the Park Side including light and dark rum, fresh mint, lime, guava “foam,” and local pollen; and The Rialto made with Gosling’s Black Seal Rum, InfiniTEA Syrup, pineapple and Peychaud’s Bitters. The olives in the martini are worth a visit.

The Pavilion also serves rosé sangria, the perfect warm-weather beverage as well as a number of craft beers and cider from NY area breweries. The wine program offers a list of 40 wines by the bottle and 12 by the glass predominantly from New York State wineries who focus on sustainable and biodynamic techniques.

The Pavilion’s décor seamlessly blends the lush greenery of the park with a chic yet casual dining experience. The result is a beautiful restaurant  that could feel as home in the South of France or an exotic island. Hanging gardens adorn the walls, palm trees add to the bucolic setting and overhead round glass orb lighting harkens back to open-air restaurants of the past. Modern touches like subtle lighting under the floor and unobtrusive ceiling heaters insure diners are always comfortable and there is a wonderful feeling of professional informality.

Furthermore, as an integral part of the New York City community, The Pavilion, in collaboration with KMNY Consulting and the Union Square Partnership, will add family-friendly programming to the Union Square Partnership’s already popular Summer in the Square series with “Tuesdays @ThePavilionNYC,” a weekly drop-in series. Programming will take place on the main level inside The Pavilion. A great idea!

“We are proud to be a part of the Union Square community,” says Simon Oren, CEO of Chef Driven Group and owner Marseille, Nice Matin and  Barbounia. “We look forward to welcoming the community to this new public amenity in the park.”

Some of these programs include weekly children’s book readings, musical performances, and cooking instruction. Chef Driven Market will also provide internships, partner with local food charities, host fundraising events, and partner with GrowNYC, which oversees the Greenmarket program citywide, on numerous nutrition and wellness initiatives, as well as source products used in their daily menu offerings from participating Greenmarket farms.

For an out-of-the-ordinary dining experience, The Pavilion brings a new twist on fine dining to New York and is already a roaring success. Walman Report Rating: A+

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Dinner Menu (Content & Prices Subject To Change)

Pavilion Dinner6

pavion drinks

Tomato Soup sourdough crouton & herb creme fraiche

Hummus toasted pita bread

Squid A La Plancha spiced roasted red pepper coulis

Wild Mushroom Bruschetta organic poached egg & truffle butter

Farm Goat Cheese & Tomato Tart lavender, baby dandelion salad

Beef Carpaccio baby arugula, fennel & shaved parmesan

Crispy Calamari tomatillo sauce, garlic chips & lemon zest


Bowl Of Baby Lettuce cherry tomato & red balsamic vinaigrette

Greek Salad tomato, cucumber, peppers, onion, olives, pita croutons, local feta cheese & lemon vinaigrette

Organic Kale Caesar Salad croutons, boqueron, shaved parmesan & roasted garlic vinaigrette

Raw Bar

Mignonette & Cocktail Sauce




Tuna wasabi-soy vinaigrette

Golden Snapper citrus salad & jalapeno


Pappardelle Al Pesto crescenza cheese & a touch of cream

Short Rib Ravioli beef jus & grana padano cheese

Blue Maine Mussels & Fries white wine, garlic, shallots & butter

Roasted Organic Chicken fingerling & purple potato, broccoli rabe & thyme jus

Hanger Steak chive-mashed potato, wilted kale, bordelaise sauce

Organic Salmon Pot Au Feu fennel, pearl onion, baby carrots, morels, tomato

Whole Branzino vegetables ratatouille & herb vinaigrette


Herb Garlic French Fries

Mashed Potato

Tuscan Kale with calabrian chilies & sauce

Macaroni & Cheese Gratin

Desserts $8

Chocolate Beet Cake blackberry-beet meringue, creme fraiche, cassis, blackberries, beet sorbet

Raspberry Ginger Beer Float raspberry sorbet, coconut ice cream, vanilla whipped cream, ginger cookie

My Cheesecake basil, citrus salad, lemon curd, almond crumble

Summer Berry Verrine buttermilk panna cotta, summer berries, almond crumble, pistachio gelato

Devil’s Cake pistachio mousse, raspberry, pistachio gelato

Dessert Wine

Tawny Port, Ramos Pinto 10 year n.v.

Riesling Late-Harvest, Hermann J. Wiemer finger lakes, ny 2012

Moscato D’Asti, Coppo

Coffee & Tea

Kiss Of Africa American Coffee

Steven Smith Tea Sachets brahmin’s choice breakfast / bungalow darjeeling / lord bergamot earl grey / jasmin / silver tip green /white petal

Herbal Teas meadow golden chamomile / red nectar rooibos / fresh mint leaf tea

Espresso Beverages

"Tiger Stripe" Rain Forest Alliance

dbl 5.00

dbl 6.00

Café Latte

Café Macchiato

Café Mocha

Hot Cocoa


Pavilion ‘75 gin, honey-thyme syrup, fresh lemon, sparkling wine

Metronome orange vodka, vanilla, vermouth bianco, aztec chocolate bitters

The Rialto dark rum, infinitea syrup, pineapple, fresh lime & peychaud’s bitters

6 Train gin, cucumber, local honey-thyme syrup, soda water

Pink Me Up tequila blanco, yellow chartreuse, strawberry, basil & fresh lemon

Park-Side light & dark rums, fresh mint & lime, guava "foam," local pollen

Non Alcoholic $6

Tropical Sun tropical fruit juices, fresh mint, guava "foam"

Honey-Thyme Fizzy Lemonade honey-thyme syrup, fresh lemon, soda water




Bavik pilsner, belgium

Southampton double white, ny

Avery ipa, colorado

Keegan’s "mother’s milk," stout, kingston, ny


Southampton keller pilsner, ny

Captain Lawrence "Liquid Gold" belgian style blonde ale, ny

Captain Lawrence "Freshchester" pale ale, ny

Two Roads "Workers Comp" saison, connecticut

Sam Adams Light boston

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Valdo Rose Brut Is An Affordable Charmer


Just tasted the current version. Just delightful!

Originally posted on The Walman Report:

Nerello Mascalese Hi-Res

Valdo’s Philosophy: “Prosecco” is the distinguishing factor on the regional level- refined aromas, balance and overall quality are the key features Valdo
focuses on to produce unique and unrivalled products.

Valdo was started in 1926 by the Societa Anonima Vini Superiori & purchased by The Bolla Family in the 1940’s. Over 80 years of continuous
innovation with an ongoing quest for quality and devotion to respecting the vineyards & wine-making traditions of the region.

The Spumante Rosé is created from the perfect blend of two typical Italian vines, the Sicilian black berry Nerello Mascalese, from Sambuca Sicily in the province of Argiento which is 300 meters above sea level, and Glera, the fruity grapes from the Veneto region in the province of Treviso at 80 meters above sea level. The vineyard that grows the Nerello Mascalese has clay and limestone soil and the Glera vineyard is alluvial clay.

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