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WHITE & CHURCH is Deliciously Different

WHITE_&_CHURCH_--_DINING_ROOM_PHOTO1 White & Church Main Dining Room (Above)

ADDRESS: 281 Church Street (at White Street)

New York, NY 10013

WEB SITE: Click Here

TELEPHONE: (212) 226-1607

FAX: (212) 226-1634

HOURS: (Valid in mid-September) Inquire.

Lunch: 12:00 Noon – 3:00 PM, Mon.-Fri.

Dinner: 5:00 PM – 1:00 AM, Sun.-Thurs.

5:00 PM – 2:00 AM, Fri.-Sat.

Brunch: 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Sun.

Happy Hour: 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM, Mon.-Fri.

Closed Monday

CUISINE: Italian with global influences

CREDIT CARDS: All major cards accepted

PRICE RANGE: Dinner: $11 – $15




Bar: 15

2  Elevated Lounges: 12 & 16


PARTY FACILITIES: Available upon request

DESIGNER: Vincent Mora

Design & Build: Enko Construction Corporation

EXECUTIVE CHEF: Matteo Boglione


MIXOLOGIST: Cristina Bini


OWNERS: Angelo Perugini

Gian Perugini

Matteo Boglione

OPENING DATE: June, 2011



Just when you think New York will never get it right, in the contemporary-Italian- restaurant arena, you discover a gem like White and Church, Acclaimed Restaurateur/Chef Matteo Boglione’s second release (remember the two star Il Matto) has lowered prices, created a warm and welcoming atmosphere and, mercifully, has not thrown the pasta out with the bath water. At White and Church,Sr. Boglione prepares an eclectic combination of classic and innovative Italian small and large plates with global influences.

Of course, that definition says nothing of the excellence of his cooking, the creativity of his dishes and the amazing bar that is a show stopper in its own right. The Full-service sit-down bar is an impressive15-foot long custom-made rectangular stone and mahogany affair, Located in the front of the restaurant, it  features a fine selection of regional Italian wines. A variety of wines are available by the glass. In addition, a premier selection of spirits, liquors, after-dinner drinks, dessert wines, imported and draft beers, and the celebrity of Cristina Bini is justified and evidenced in such specialty cocktails such as the Maltese (Ginger Infused Vodka, Red Bell Pepper, Ginger, Martini Rose), the White Stone Martini (Ligurian White Stone Infused in Dry Vermouth), and the Buffalo 66 (Vodka Infused with Rosemary, Lemon Juice, Worcester Sauce, Celery Salt, Red Beet andHot Pepper).The cocktail list features 60 classic and innovative variations.

They are cleverly organized by taste (salty,) style, (innovative, Classic or anytime) and even devote a section to libations garnished with Edible Insects. Don’t laugh, a tequila number (The” Why Not?”)  blends Tequila with Cointreau, sugar, lime, and avocado and is topped with dried spicy Mexican worms. It is potent and devilishly delicious.

And despite the superb bar scene, there is a serious kitchen here and we didn’t experience a clinker in a multi-course-dinner that was brimming with the “wow” factor from appetizers to desserts, or in the case of White and Church, Fried, Cold, Hot and Sweet, (The Dinner Menu is available at the bar, too and there is an amazing Tasting Menu of 10 courses for $ 50.00, sans alcohol.).

Before getting into food specifics, let us discuss the airy, attractive space (formally home to Il Matto by way of  Arqua) with its romantic, veranda-style Lounges, located in the front of the restaurant, which are enhanced by multi-colored stone banquettes with plush pillows, modern stone tables, and mood lighting to create a spacious and romantic setting overlooking the bar and dining room, and a picturesque corner of Tribeca.

The main dining room features a contemporary, ambiance,.which is stylish, sophisticated  with its 16-foot high ceiling, custom-made organic wood tables and chairs, cast-iron Italian chandeliers, and sage and terra di sienna-colored walls. There are 2 hand-made communal stone and organic wood dining tables in the front and rear of the restaurant, and many floor-to-ceiling windows with orange linen curtains.One  corner of the room offers a large screen where, on our visit, Italian Art films with subtitles kept the crowd amused, while a fabulous eclectic soundtrack provided provocative ear candy.

While you can do just fine drinking and grazing, it would be a shame to miss Matteo Boglione’s extraordinary interpretations  of such standouts as impeccably FRIED ZUCCHINI BLOSSOMS with TOMATO SAUCE and BLACK ROCK SALT. Now I know why they are generally soggy and boring in most restaurants. At White and Church,they are given a tempura-like coating and a quick fry and arrive crisp and delicious. LESS is DEFINITELY MORE!  STUFFED BREADED GREEN OLIVES are delivered in a martini glass (all the tableware is lovely, by the way) and are little wonders, stuffed with pork, veal, pistachios and mortadella. HOME CUT FRENCH FRIES with KETCHUP and MAYO may read like nothing, but they are pan-fried in clarified butter and divine. These were all listed in the “Fried” section of the menu.

From the “Cold” section, look no further than the incredible PECORINO CHEESE CREME BRULE’ with RED ONION MARMELADE and BALSAMIC REDUCTION, Its crackling crust gives way to Le Cirque style smoothie with the haunting Pecorino flavor. WHITE_&_CHURCH_--_OCTOPUS_AND_FOIE-GRAS_PHOTO


If you like it “Hot,”  that department offers an unusually tender steamed OCTOPUS, with sautéed FOIE-GRAS, roasted POTATOES,BASIL PESTO, and caramelized  BLACK OLIVES, whose touch of sweetness impart the final kicker. Also lovely, was a perfectly rare TUNA FILET, floating in EGGPLANT CREAM and garnished with FRIED ARTICHOKES,BLACK OLIVES and BASIL OIL.

And what’s an Italian restaurant without pasta? You won’t be disappointed at White and Church. BURRATA CHEESE RAVIOLI with black truffle sauce is light and elegant, but we really loved CARBONARA PASTA TWO WAYS, old fashioned spaghetti paired with contemporary ravioli. While many restaurants cheat and use cream, Boglione sticks with the classic preparation, but uses far less eggs than normally encountered, resulting in a today rendition that is full of taste, but avoids heaviness.

For a unique treat, go for the WHITE & CHURCH BURGER, with its surprise stuffing of MACARONI and CHEESE, VINE TOMATOES and BEEF JUS. It’s as good as it sounds.

Don’t miss dessert, and if have but one, we adored EGGPLANT MILLEFOGLIE, which will make you rethink a vegetable’s role in the order of things, when that order refers to its arrival in the course of a meal. Delicious!!!

Service is knowledgeable  and discrete. Our server, Maggie, has been there since the previous incarnation  and was flawless.

I think you get the point that we liked White and Church a lot. And so will you!


Copyright 2011 By Punch In International. All Rights Reserved






ketchup, mayonnaise



fried cornmeal, rock salt



pork, veal, pistachio mortadella



rock salt, tomato sauce



fresh pear, arugula, balsamic vinaigrette



tomato sauce



saffron sauce, burrata cheese, black truffle shavings



calamari, porcini mushrooms, artichokes, zucchini




balsamic dressing



baby artichokes, pecorino cheese, tomato confit



buffalo mozzarella, campari tomatoes, fresh basil



red onion marmalade, balsamic reduction



homemade jams


In the kitchen, Chef, Matteo Boglione



pork, veal, and pistachio mortadella meatballs and light tomato sauce



roasted potatoes, basil pesto, caramelized black olives



fresh tomatoes, arugula pesto, pecorino cheese



black truffle sauce



old fashioned spaghetti, contemporary ravioli



8 oz. beef burger stuffed with macaroni & cheese,

vine tomatoes, beef jus



glazed pearl onions, shitake mushrooms, veal jus



eggplant cream, fried artichokes, black olives, basil oil










from " La Cremeria "



American Coffee 2.50 Orange Spice

Cappuccino 4.50 English Breakfast

Macchiato 3 Darjeeling

Espresso 3 Earl Gray

Double Espresso 4 Chamomile

Irish Coffee 8 Apple Cinnamon



Iced Tea 3.50

Tasting Menu 10 courses $ 50.00 alcohol not included

fried polenta

pecorino cheese creme brulee

fried gorgonzola

artichoke croquettes

farro salad

octopus and foie-gras

black truffle ravioli

carbonara two ways

tuna eggplant cream

chocolate fondent





Bloody Mary

Grey Goose, salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, tomato juice.

Bull Shot

Grey Goose, salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce, beef broth.

Grange’s Lady

Svedka, peach-flavored yogurt , grenadine, prosecco.


Svedka, amaretto Disaronno.

Frozen Steppes

Grey Goose, Crème de cacao, vanilla ice cream.

Vodka Sour

Svedka, lemon juice, sugar.


Svedka, Cointreau, lemon juice.

White Spider

Svedka, Crème de menthe.

White Russian

Grey Goose, Kahlua, fresh cream.



One of the BEST in NYC! Hendrix, dry vermouth, lemon twist or olives. (PERFECT!!!!!)


Bombay, dry vermouth, scallions.


Gin, lime cordial, lemon twist.

White Lady

Gin, Cointreau, lemon juice.

Gin Fizz

Gin, lemon juice, sugar, soda water.

Singapore Sling

Gin, cherry brandy, soda water.

Pink Lady

Gin, grenadine, lemon juice.


Tanqueray, dry vermouth, Crème de menthe.



Canadian rye whisky, red vermouth, angostura bitters.

Rob Roy

Scotch, red vermouth, angostura bitters.

Old Fashioned

Maker’s Mark, Bourbon, sugar, angostura bitters, soda water.

Old Pal

Rye whisky, dry vermouth, Campari.

Mint Julep (LOVELY)

Bourbon, sugar, angostura bitters, fresh mint, soda water.

God Father

Scotch, amaretto Disaronno.

Rusty Nail

Scotch, Drambuie.

Lynchburg Lemonade Jack Daniels, lemon juice, sugar.

Highland Cooler

Scotch, lemon juice, sugar, ginger ale.



Pepe Lopez tequila, Cointreau, lemon juice.

Tequila Sunrise

White tequila, Pepe Lopez, orange juice, grenadine.

Acapulco Gold

White tequila, Oro rum, coconut cream, grapefruit juice, pineapple juice.

Pepito Collin’s

Tequila, lemon juice, sugar.



Cachaca, lime, sugar

Batida de Manga

Cachaca, mango, sugar.



Mezcal, green mint, Maraschino, pineapple juice.



White rum, lemon juice, sugar.


White rum, lime, sugar, fresh mint leaves, soda water.

Pina Colada

White rum, coconut cream, fresh pineapples.

Selva Line

Amber rum, pineapple yogurt, pineapple juice.

Planter’s Punch

Amber rum, lemon juice, grenadine, soda water.

Between the sheets

White Rum, Cointreau, brandy, lemon juice.



Red Vermouth, Campari, soda water.

Negroni (IDEAL)

Gin, red vermouth, Campari.


Gin, dry vermouth, Campari.



White peach, prosecco.


Aperol, prosecco.

Gold Velvet

Peroni beer, champagne, splash of pineapple.

Kir Royal

Crème de Cassis, champagne.

After Dinner


Cognac, angostura bitters, Fernet Branca, Crème de menthe.


Crème de menthe, Crème de cacao, fresh cream.


Brandy, Crème de menthe


Cognac, Cointreau, lime juice.




Vodka, pink vermouth, red bell pepper, fresh ginger, and spicy chili powder.

Via de’Neri

Gin, pink vermouth, cucumber, and pink peppercorn.

Smoked Martini

Scotch whisky and vodka topped with thin slices of smoked salmon.

Black Stone Martini

A black river stone from Mongolia infused in dry vermouth with your choice of gin or vodka.

White Stone Martini

A white stone from the beaches of Liguria, Italy infused in dry vermouth with your choice of gin or vodka.

Bark Martini

Bark-infused pink vermouth with one degree of china martini reduction, gin/vodka.

Breakfast Martini

Pear-flavored Grey Goose and St. Germaine liqueur topped with black pepper and thin slices of Pecorino cheese.


Mustard-infused tequila with tomatoes and thyme garnished with honey and Parmesan cheese shavings.


Buffalo 66

Rosemary-infused Svedka with Worcestershire sauce, beets, lemon juice, celery salt, spicy chili powder.

Bloody Frida

Ginger-infused Pepe Lopez silver tequila with tom yum gum, lemon juice, tomato juice, and curry.


Peroni beer mixed with Worcestershire-Tabasco sauce, tomato juice and raspberry juice.

Clamato Mary

Gin, Worcestershire sauce, salt, and black pepper mixed with clam or mussel broth.




Vodka, lemon juice, sugar, celery, and peach.


Vodka, lemon juice, sugar, arugula, and pear.


Midori, zucchini, and green apples blended with a splash of heavy cream.

Do You Remember Last Night?

Scotch whisky, Pimms #1, Aperol, topped with soda water and a citrus twist.


Brandy, Frangelico, cow milk ricotta cheese, and strawberry puree.

Dolce Vita

Bourbon whisky, Disaronno amaretto, Mascarpone cheese, c. di prato.

Blue Dry

Anis-infused gin, Cointreau, splash of Blue Caracao, lemon juice, and dry ice.


Ovetto Fritto

Silver tequila, Grand Marnier, lemon juice, sugar, peaches in syrup, egg whites, and balsamic reduction.


Golden Lane

Pimm’s #1, red port wine, ginger ale, and carrots.


Cynar, Fernet Branca, fresh mint, and soda water.

Basil Americano

Campari, Carpano, basil leaves, and oranges.


(The University of Mexico has cataloged 1,700 species of insects. 90 countries consume 1,400 species of insects and worms.)


Cinnamon-flavored rum, apple juice, lemon juice, with toasted honey bees and a sprig of rosemary.

Why Not? (TRY IT)

Tequila, Cointreau, sugar, lime, and avocado topped with dried spicy Mexican worms.


Batida de Cocco, oatmilk, and sugar topped with grasshoppers.

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Lair Restaurant & Lounge is Hip, Hot, User Friendly and Yes Mom, You’ll Like The Food:)


Restaurant | Lounge

Established: October 2010

Location: 201 Lafayette Street | Btwn Broome & Kenmare Streets (Nolita)

lair room 1

lair room 2

New York City

Telephone: (212) 334-5247

Fax: (212) 334-5248



Managing Partners/

Owners: Michael Levin

Illarion Parmit

Executive Chef: Chris Cheung

Venue Size: 2000 sq. – ft

Capacity: Den – 50

Bar/Standing – 100

VIP – 100

Total – 250

Opening Hours: Monday – Wednesday

5:00PM to 2:00AM

Thursday – Saturday

5:00PM to 4:00AM


Specialty Drinks: Mamma Mule Feel Good

Absolut vodka, cinnamon five spice syrup, apricot & ginger beer

Flame de Milo

Saffron infused Bombay dry gin, liquor 43, cava, flamed orange peel

Pass the Grapes

Barsol pisco/Appleton reserve, agave, red bell pepper puree, mescal ringe, red wine float

Mr Hot Pants

Herradura reposado, mescal, campari, passionfruit, thai chilli pepper agave

Maid in the Cave

Hibiki 12 year Japanese Whiskey, ginger infused agave, cucumbers muddled, club soda


Specialty Dishes: lair chips

Chicken ‘Pillows,’ Crispy Chicken Skin,

Johnny Blue Sauce

v Roasted Bone Marrow, x/o Marmalade,

Scallion Pancakes

lair oysters use

v Oysters On The Half Shell, Seared Scallop, Truffle Essence (Above)

v Lobster, Bacon, Avocado Salad in Crispy

Wonton Rolls

v Eggplant and Mushroom Sui Mai

lair chicken

v 28 Dry Aged Black Angus Beef Dumplings

Sweet Plate Menu:

v Shanghai Walnut Crusted Marshmallows

v Scoop Caramel Apples, ‘Crispy Plum’


               lair bar

                 Lair Restaurant & Lounge

Safari meets urban glamour at this nighttime haunt where a chicly rustic interior of exposed brick, distressed wood, hand-painted ethic art work are accented by the earth tone color palette and lavish throw pillows. With a collective mix of music and a hip downtown crowd, Lair has all the settings for any night out. Located in New York City’s Soho/Nolita area, Lair is a bar, lounge, restaurant and private event space, all in one! With plush banquettes and the glow of glittering chandeliers and candlelight, this stylish venue features low table tops, an extensive bar, delicious modern Dim Sum plates and cozy seating arrangements. Lair is the ideal location for an after-work drink and appetizer or post-drink and small bite recap!

Conveniently located downtown in the Soho/Nolita area this dynamic newcomer embodies a chic lounge, restaurant and private event space, all in one. Lair is intentionally designed to be just that. The distinct rustic metal work is innovatively crafted, resembling to some a Paris train station and to others a private chamber. Socialize with fashionistas, models, celebs and the corporate clientele in front of the cleverly designed and ever-changing lighting that exudes from the 30 foot bar or burrow into a dimly lit corner under the hand drawn ancient cave murals for an intimate encounter. lair flowers

We are always surprised by the excellence of the cuisine in clubs and Lair is no exception. Experience the succulent dishes created by the renowned Chef Chris Cheung (a veteran of Nobu, Ruby Foos and Monkey Bar), while sipping on specialty cocktails. Our favorite libations being Mr Hot Pants, a sexy blend of Herradura reposado, mescal, campari, passionfruit, thai chilli pepper  and agave. For something more potent and with a bit more kick, go for Maid in the Cave, where Hibiki 12 year Japanese Whiskey, ginger infused agave, and cucumbers are muddled,in club soda.. Average price is $15.

While there is an expensive bottle list, wine by the glass ranges from $8 to $11 and  The Stella is always dependable and just $7. We appreciated the friendly service and lack of attitude, making Lair a perfect spot for first dates and corporate or holiday parties, product launches, cocktail or fashion events, dinner parties, birthdays and more. The staff is professional and knowledgeable to facilitate your event needs. Lair provides a quality of visual, edible and audible sensory appeal that makes you want to come back again and again. The music is not too loud and if you hit it right, there may be live entertainment as well.

The Inventive Cuisine: is Modern, Kosher and might be described as global Dim Sum. Two appetizers per person provide a copious meal and range from about $9 to $13. Favorites include delicious Chicken ‘pillows’, with crispy chicken skin, Johnny Blue sauce; and unusually delicious Roasted bone marrow with X/O Marmalade; a classy rendition of Oysters on the half shell, seared scallop and truffle essence;
Mango ‘noodles’ salad, rock shrimp, chili lime; Coconut bao bread, 5 spice local honey hoisin butter; and Lobster, bacon, avocado salad in crispy wonton rolls. Don’t miss the Dry aged black angus beef dumplings or the light Chicken and foie gras san jin dumplings. We loved the Eggplant and mushroom sui mai. For dessert nut crusted marshmallows arrive beautifully scorched with a delightful brittle and real chantilly cream (worth a visit on its own).

Lair is the go-to for hosting and catering any event! and will help plan any soirée including: corporate and holiday events, fashion shows, dinner parties and luncheons, birthdays, meetings, product launches, wedding receptions, album release events, film/photo shoots and more! They will even design and accent the event with decorations and entertainment including: balloons, flowers, banners, logo branding, customized themes, DJs, comedians, dancers, live bands, drummers, video games, casino tables, Tarot card readers, Champagne Ice or Martini Bar, flat screen TVs and more! and the Celebrity Clientele include Adam Lambert Ally Hilfiger Craig Robinson, Richard Branson, Tika Sumpter and Tommy London.

But you needn’t be a celeb to get behind the velvet ropes and enjoy one of the most pleasant club experiences around, a local feel of being wanted and some really good vittles.

Copyright 2011 By Punch In International. All Rights Reserved \


LAIR: 201 Lafayette Street (between Broome St & Kenmare St).
201 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10012
t. 212.334.5247 (LAIR)
f. 212.334.5248

Sample Menu & Prices Subject To Change

Pickled local root vegetables, roasted peanuts, grape  “ice”
Chinese chips, housemade duck sauce
Chicken  ‘pillows’, crispy chicken skin, Johnny Blue sauce
Roasted bone marrow, X/O Marmalade, scallion pancakes
Oysters on the half shell, seared scallop, truffle essence
Mango  ‘noodles’ salad, rock shrimp, chili lime
Coconut bao bread, 5 spice local honey hoisin butter
Lobster, bacon, avocado salad in crispy wonton rolls
House  salad, ginger dressing
Dry aged black angus beef dumplings
Chicken and foie gras san jin dumplings
Eggplant and mushroom sui mai

nut crusted marshmallows
Ice cream/sorbet selection
Caramel apples, ’crispy plum’

Sample Bottles
Jack Daniels
Makers Mark

Veuve Cliquot
Taittinger Rose
Dom Perignon
Cristal Rose


About Michael Levin: With seven years of bartending experience under his belt, a finance background with companies such as Chase, bar management skills in Brooklyn and a knowledge of New York’s nightlife scene, Michael determination to open his own restaurant and bar is undeniable. Collaborating with a high school friend that shared the same dream (Illarion Parmit), Michael brought on board Celebrity Chef Chris Cheung. With an unique vision of crafting a modern Dim Sum menu and specialty cocktails, Lair, his first endeavor, opened in mid-October 2010.

About Illarion Parmit: Growing up in Russia and having a background in finance, Illarion’s passion for food led him to study the culinary arts at the French Culinary Institute in New York City. With his passion for business and gourmet cuisine, Illarion found himself interning at the prestigious Jean Georges Restaurant. Learning the ins-and-outs of the business, along with his ten year experience in the nightlife industry, Illarion pursued his desire to open up his own space. Going into business with a high school friend (Michael Levin), Illarion opened up Lair with celebrity Chef Chris Cheung.

About Chef Chris Cheung: Chris Cheung grew up in New York City and graduated with honors from the New York Restaurant School in 1992. Working at various locations throughout culinary school, Cheung began to develop a plan to open his own restaurant and successful launched Little Bistro in Brooklyn and Almond Flower Bistro in Chinatown. His past career highlights include crafting dishes at Nobu, working as an Executive Chef at Ruby Foo’s and China Grill and cooking with several esteemed chefs such as Wylie Dufresne, Didier Virot and Jehangir Mehta. In October 2010, Cheung became the executive chef of Lair and has crafted an one-of-a-kind contemporary Dim Sum menu


201 Lafayette Street
Btwn Broome & Kenmare Streets
New York City

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South Houston: Downtown at it’s Best


sh interior-longbarshot 331 West Broadway at Grand Street


Phone 212-431-0131


Cuisine New Southern Comfort


Owner Michael Carpinillo

Executive Chef Omar Drammeh sh chef2

General Manager Walter Roeder

Seating Capacity Total Seats: 46

Bar: 10 bar stools

Hours Sunday – Wednesday; 11am – 2am

Thursday – Saturday; 11am – 4am

Credit Cards All Major

Accessibility Wheelchair accessible

Reservations Highly recommended




sh interiorshot2 Fun New Southern Comfort Flavors Pair Up With An Extensive Beer Offering in the Heart of SoHo

Bringing Southern comfort up North to SoHo, South Houston showcases regional Southern cuisine with a modern twist. After countless hours of testing recipes and experimenting with ideas, Owner Michael Carpiniello (owned the now closed Lusso) and Executive Chef Omar Drammeh (Amy Ruth’s, Le Bernardin) have put their own spin on Southern cuisine.  Like they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and in this case, beauty is three mini corndogs with jalapeno and cheddar dipping saucesh Corn Dog 4 (Above), popcorn doused with butter, brown sugar, bourbon and bacon (you must taste it); and fried chicken and waffles with peach Amaretto syrup.

Visitors to South Houston step into a casual, friendly, comfortable atmosphere. There is a cheerful bar-room with windows overlooking the West Broadway scene. The focal point of the dining room is a large cast iron map of the area from 1968, which pays homage to the history of the neighborhood. There is also a full wall chalk board that local artists are leaving their mark on with graffiti style words along with pigs, cows and chickens all with a little extra personality.  south hous mac

Keeping the meats smoking and the food sizzling is Executive Chef Omar Drammeh. He creates delectable appetizers like Grilled Chicken Wings covered in a delicious peach and apricot bbq sauce (or try it the traditional Buffalo style) Below.shdm-wings

Crusted Calamari tomato jalapeno relish and chipotle crema, which showcase his dual skills in Southern cuisine and international accents. Salmon Tacos with jalapeno remoulade, tomato salsa and pickled onions could be a star at any first rate Mexican restaurant and the Hushpuppies are worth a visit on their own.(The best we ever tasted). The terrific Bacon Pecan Brittle would make a fine dessert. south houston chicken pie!cid_9BF5DA94-C730-4706-88DD-E6CF86C9786D

The Chicken Pot Pie (Above) with its juicy, tender chicken and crispy, flakey crust  is sure to satisfy any comfort food fix (it’s made to order and takes a worthy 14 minutes,wait). Smoky Bacon, Wrapped Individual Meatloaf with molasses bbq sauce, imparts a haunting flavor that is simultaneously sweet and savory. The BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich and the Grilled Cheese with Tomato and Bacon are two must haves, but almost everything on the menu at South Houston is a must have. For something unique, checkout The Hot Brown, inspired by Louisville’s fabled hotel, it combines turkey, prosciutto, fried egg and mornay sauce on an elegant brioche base.  shdm-chickenwaffles

Other signature dishes include the amazing Chicken With Waffles (Above) and the housemade Hotdog (beef or pork), pictured below. (The fried onion rings are amazing). There are some good entrees if you still have room. Try the Steak, Pork Chops or BBQ. Desserts are fun and what’s more fun than a South Houston Sundae with belgian waffle, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate, ice cream, banana, caramel and chocolate fudge toppings, whipped cream and, of course, a cherry.


While the cocktails are not to be missed, including stand outs like the Huckleberry Fizz (44 North Huckleberry infused vodka, blueberries, raspberries, lemon) and the Sarsaparilla Root Mojitio (Bacardi Limon, Lime, Mint, Maine Root Sarsaparilla Organic Soda), the beer program is sure to be a major neighborhood draw.  South Houston features 8 weekly rotating taps, showcasing both local breweries and international finds.  To kick things off, they filling the taps with Heavy Seas Loose Cannon IPA (Baltimore, MD), Nectar Ales Red Nectar (Paso Robles, CA), Gaffel Kolsch (Cologne, Germany), Delirium Tremens (Melle, Belgium), Kelso Pilsner (Brooklyn, NY), Ithica Apricot Wheat (Ithica, NY), Gogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar (Newport, Or), and Atwater Michigan Lager (Detroit, MI).  And to make the beer lovers out there even more elated, South Houston offers growlers, filled to the brim, with these delectable brews to take home and enjoy.  sh bathroom

The service staff, from General Manager Walter Roeder to waitpersons, bartenders and busboys are helpful and warm. South Houston is a restaurant for the 2010 expectations of low price points, delicious food and drinks and casual, comfortable atmosphere. It’s New York Downtown at its best. Don’t miss it!

 Copyright 2010 By Punchin International. All Rights Reserved.


Sample MENU, Subject To Change

sh DinnerMenu-Final-2



Chef Bio


Omar Drammeh

Executive Chef

A native of South Africa, Omar Drammeh, Executive Chef at South Houston, knows the definition of fate and how it can directly shape your life. After spending his adolescence in Gambia, at age 19 Drammeh set his sights on Europe and stowed away on a ship destined for his next adventure. As luck would have it, the ship’s captain caught him and in return for his free trip he set Drammeh up in the kitchen to work off his debt. Turning lemons into lemonade, Drammeh actually fell in love with cooking and rather than getting off when the ship docked, he stayed on for three years working in the kitchen and eventually working his way up to chef.

He did eventually make it to Europe and spent some time working at a restaurant on Threadneedle Street in London, attending a cooking school in the South of France and working in a French bakery to learn the art of pastry. He then circled back home for a bit before moving permanently to the United States in 1993.

As his first stint in New York, Drammeh continued with his passion for pastry, working at Eli Zabar’s E.A.T. restaurant on Madison Avenue for 3 years. Drammeh’s resume continued to flourish after he was hired to work at the now closed Ferrier on the Upper East Side. After two years there he worked the grill and sauté station in one of, if not the, most respected kitchens in the city, Le Bernadin. There, Drammeh worked along side some of the most talented chefs, including Eric Ripert himself, and really honed his French cooking techniques.

Drammeh’s first Executive Chef role was at Chelsea Grill, where under his leadership the restaurant went from serving local bar food to a destination dining establishment and saw business increase by 40%. At Chelsea Grill Drammeh learned the business side of being a chef and found he not only enjoys cooking but also enjoys and excels at making a kitchen run efficiently and cost effectively. After four years Drammeh headed home to Africa to get married and then came back to New York where he found himself learning Southern cooking at Amy Ruth’s in Harlem.

Again, either a sign of fate or just pure luck, one afternoon Drammeh and his new bride were shopping for seafood on Canal Street when he figured it could not hurt to have some resumes in tow. He strolled past Lusso, an Italian restaurant that is now South Houston and dropped off a resume. Later that afternoon Drammeh came for an interview and the rest is history. He is now Executive Chef at the new South Houston and claims “anyone that likes food is a friend of mine.”